Wolfs Rain
Alternative Names:

ウルフズレイン (Japanese)

Волчий дождь (Russian)

Country of Origin: Japan
Year Produced: 2003
Air Date: Jan 7, 2003 to Jul 29, 2003
Episodes: 26
Type: Series
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Wolfs Rain

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Wolf's Rain-Reviewed

Wolf's Rain is my all time favorite anime. The first time I watched the whole series, I was 9. I own the entire box set. WR is also the most underrated anime of all time. It's absolutely beautiful, the animation, the voice actors, the personalities, the music, the storyline, everything. I'm going to start with the characters.

Kiba is the lead wolf. He is snow-white and like the rest of the wolves(except Blue) has yellow eyes. He was the dreamiest character I had ever met at my age 9. He had beautiful eyes in human form(I believe they were blue) and his courage and stoic personality were to die for. He protects everything he loves but he also isn't perfect. He constantly doesn't plan for anything and doesn't think before he acts. He loves Cheza but sometimes ignores the needs of the rest of the pack, leaving them behind for his own needs. But overall, he is a strong, very well developed character.

Tsume is semi-like Kiba's rival. He's constantly at war with the white wolf. He himself is a gray wolf with a lighter chest and a scar in the middle of his chest. He's arrogant and self-absorbed, and doesn't tend to do anything that won't give him an advantage in any way. However, at the end of the series, he attacks Darcia to give Kiba some backup! This was one of my favorite parts, the way he selflessly gives himself up so that Kiba can get his chance to open Paradise. He's also well developed.

Hige is the next wolf. He is a light brown with a paler chest and a dark brown collar with the letter "H" on it. He's larger than the rest, aka a little overweight because of his love of food, but doesn't seem to mind too much, and only tries to cover up for it a few times. I love how Hige and Blue's relationship works. Because they are such polar opposites, they work together perfectly. Hige is carefree and doesn't worry, while Blue is all business. Although he appears carefree, he really is hurting on the inside.

Toboe is next. He is a reddish-brown with a light brown chest and a bunch of silver bracelets on his right wrist. He's kind of the baby of the group, complaining more than others but he's also the most helpful and righteous. He believes in doing what's right and doesn't let Tsume get away with his deeds sometimes. He is also the youngest, believed to be about 12 or 13. He sees the good in Pops and dies alongside him, one of the saddest scenes because it shows his beautiful dedication.

Blue is the last wolf. She is a dark blueish color with bright blue eyes and a spiked collar. She was Pops' dog for a long time, and he knew her to be half-wolf. Cheza awakes this wolf side in her and she finds her way to disguise herself as a human. I bawled my eyes out when Hige and Blue died with each other, both protecting the other. She was willing and hardworking, but also had a good sense of humor that went with Hige.

I find the music to be such a scene setter in each episode of this series. All of the songs are flawless, especially the opening song, "Stray", which is catchy and easily gets stuck in your head. The sadder songs, such as "Requiem" and the more intriguing songs such as "Pilgrim Snow" are heart-touching and just listening can be relaxing and saddening all at the same time. There are a couple uplifting songs such as "My Little Flower" and "Strangers". The music is stunning and perfect, most are created by Yoko Kanno.

The plotline is also stunning. People today are still searching for Paradise and this show totally puts it into perspective. If we humans keep messing up this world, we will never be able to find this perfect place.

The voice actors are great, English and Japanese. I couldn't believe that it was Johnny Yong Bosch who played Kiba, because of the intense power and determination he put into actually being the wolf. I still can't believe that Tsume's voice actor is the same as Itachi's.

If you have not watched this amazing, heartstring-pulling anime, you MUST. Go now. Google it or anything, but just find it. Thank you.
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Wolf Rain! ~ Review ~

Ah, wolf rain! One of the most memorable anime, I have ever seen.


It tells the story of four wolves that adapted to their surroundings by taking the form of humans. They all have a quest to find paradise when the human world comes to an end, which could only be found by wolves. The story is based on the tribulations to which the wolves fact and must overcome, in order to reach this 'paradise'.

Main Characters:


Personal Comments:

I honestly thought it was a beautifully done anime; quite depressing, nevertheless, meaningful. I highly recommend this anime to those whom enjoy a great storyline and a bit of action and gore! ~ Thank you.

An Epic Drouling Sadsterpiece

Wolf's Rain has passion.

This moon howler captivates that classic "sad" anime feeling of anime's Like Lord of the Fireflies yet completes the empathy in a pleasing, religious, god sort of way. This makes Wolf's Rain inspirational.

Wolf's Rain is about humans morphing into dogs, becoming man's best friend. Snoop Dogs most famous music video is about people turning in to dogs, there's a great X-Files episode about this I'm sure, and all those great Wolf-Man films...yeah. Wolf's Rain knows where it's at.

Additionally "Wolf" moves at a pleasing pace, the only downfall is the stereotypical "epic god syndrome" thing, in which a large part of the anime is devoted to the "who knows where or what", "large creatures in the sky" junk that just end up making many anime confusing, but it doesn't destroy!

Wolf's Rain is still great. Watch it on a winters day.

Wolf's rain- A review

Streaming legally on Hulu

Wolf's Rain- Aw, they don't make them like they used to. This series deserves to be more well known than it is. The minute you start watching the first episode, you are drawn in. Let's start off with the Animation- It's Bones studio, so it should come as no surprise that the Animation, while not be being top notch, is still good, and they don't take any cheap shortcuts. Art- The backgrounds are amazing. They are gritty and depressing looking, just as they should be, for the world it's set in. It should also be noted that all the sighs in this world are in Russian. PERFECT Russian, might I add. Music- It's Yoko Kanno. That's all you really need to know about it's quality. Also, many of the songs are in Italian, French, Russian, Celtic, and English, and, just like the sighs, they are all perfect. Characters- The characters are unique in design, and personality. Even when they are in Wolf form, you can tell them apart. There is also a lot of character's personality development , especially towards the end, witch does not feel forced. Story- Note, I'm counting the 4 OVAs as part of the series. Personally, I loved the story, right up in till the end, witch I have mixed feelings about. You either love the ending or you hate it, I guess. Overall- It's an Amazing anime. Give it a go and you'll be hooked within minutes.

Mahou Shounen Reviews: Wolf's Rain


Really 4.5/5


Plot: The world is coming to an end and the gates of Paradise are going to open, however only wolves, think okami, can find Paradise and they have been extinct for years, wiped out by the Nobles and human soldiers who serve them, or so it would seem.

The truth, however, is that wolves have cast spells upon their bodies so that they appear human to any who believe wolves to be gone, unfortunately not many of them are still interested in finding Paradise,except for one white wolf named Kiba. Kiba manages to gather a pack of three other misfit wolves around him. While they do not all get along, nor are they perfect, nor perfectly honest with each other, the four set out to find the Flower Maidens, also thought extinct, legend speaks will guide the wolves to Paradise and begin the world anew, renewed and without sin, unfortunately while they may find, reluctant and eventual allies among the humans, there are Nobles with other plans.

Verdict: This is one of the most complex and detailed fantasy epics and allegories ever created, but instead of focusing and expositing the whole time on all of that, Wolf's Rain instead chooses to focus on the characters and their story alone. It is a brilliant move, but makes the show even more one that is not for the faint of heart. Show do not tell is in full effect, and this one has a lot of allegory for Buddhism, Norse Mythology, Japanese, Germanic, Russian, and pretty much any culture's with wolves folklore; to show. It is all their, but not in your face. It is there to make the drama happening up front be more for those willing to re-watch and discuss it than just a great well written fantasy epic centered around wolves.

Oh, and yes this series is very dramatic, I would say tragic, but there is no inevitability of fate here, just sorrow, but there is also hope put into action. Prepare to cry a lot with this show, but also be filled with hope. Give it a watch and then decide if you are going to buy. It is not for everyone, though it is fantastic.

Facts: This was Studio Bones' first work, and what a way to start. It has great animation and the score by Yoko Kano is as perfectly weaved into the plot as the allegory. The English voice cast is also all-star and A-game. Johnny Young Bosch has the lead, with Crispin Freeman, Joshua Seth, and Mona Marshall playing the other wolf-boys. Steve Blum proves, again, that he can be terrifying when he wants to, and the rest of the cast is great too with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Kari Wahlgren, Tom Wyner, Bob Buchholz, Jessica Strauss, and Sherry Lynn.

Better than Star Wars: The main cast is rather diverse, and it is great. Technically speaking, this is another one where none of the leads are Caucasian, but then they are wolves (no I am not saying which is which)...

(Blue, the reluctant sixth--fifth--ranger)

(Cher the scientist studying/seeking wolves, the flower maidens, and paradise)

(Cheza the last Flower Maiden)

(Lord Darcia the Third)

(Hige, easy going on the outside)

(A statue of Lady Jagura, how she like to be seen)

(Quint, a wolf hunter more like his prey than he thinks)

(Toboe, cowardly, but compassionate)

(Kiba, a proud lawful leader)

(Tsume, the tough guy)

(Hubb Lebowski, a detective in over his head, but not his heart)

Bechtel-Sarkeesian Test: It takes a while, but eventually our two fem-fatales, Blue and Cher, are thrown together, and episodes with them are just great fun, and needed right before the series starts to reach its climax (could not find pictures from this episode set, sorry).

Die Hard Test: Passed, and it is heart-breaking when it happens...

Awkward Angle Syndrome: None here actually, and there are plenty of opportunities too...

Suck it Disney: Though there is no direct fan service, for heterosexual men anyway, most all of the cast but one man are ridiculously good looking young people. To be more specific, all of the leads are apparently ridiculously good looking young men, in other words, Bishi Boys.

Wolf's Rain Review by RUA

Awwww f***… Here we go. Just let me go cry for another 5 hours until my body is completely drained of fluids. Well. F***. Ok. Wolf’s Rain is SUCH a great anime, and honestly I have no idea why more people haven’t watched this. Some people won’t even watch it because it’s about wolves and they think it’s only for furries. HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE THAT P*** OUT OF YOUR MOUTH AND JUST F**** WATCH IT. Anyway sorry. It’s just so ridiculously good… I cannot think of a single flaw. Except for its ridiculous amount of sadness. I won’t spoil anything, but if you do consider watching this be prepared to feel like someone scooped out your innards with their teeth while you watch them do it. And then they pour salt on whatever’s left, let it sting, and then proceed to light you on fire. Shouldn’t stop you from watching this though. Everyone needs to be a masochist everyone once in awhile.

Story: BEST S*** EVER. PERIOD. A +

Art: Very very very very good. Details are spot on. A +

Characters: All of them are very lovable and you can feel what they’re feeling. A +


Wolfs rain is seriously amazing.! The anime is BEAUTIFULLY drawn and the MUSIC is AMAZING.!!! You will cry in this anime and fall in LOVE with their characters, The story is practically about Kiba an artic wolf who is in search of paradise for mostly all wolves go in search for it, but it takes place in a time where wolves were slaughtered by Jagara and to the point where people think they're extinct and he meets a few other wolves who have very different personalities and the Flower Maiden Cheza who falls in love with Kiba and she is the Key to Paradise.
It's a bit funny, romantic, ACTION PACKED, and Sad as well but over all AMAZING.!
I loved everything except the ending, which leaves me like ??? @[email protected] haha but I love this anime best so far.! GUYS & GIRLS will LOVE IT