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FPS / Windows
Date of Release: Mid 2007 (Beta open now)
Developer: Softnyx
Official Site URL: http://softnyx-korea.net/main.asp

In the near future, while decoding the human DNA, scientists found a strand of DNA that was very similar to that of an wolf. Especially people like professional sports players or military personel. But people with this particular gene lived relatively shorter than the "regular" human.

A corporation named "Phyan (Phian, Fyan) Pharmeceutical" developed a vaccine called "Epocine" for this genetic disorder which became known as "DieWolf Syndrome." While producing Epocine, Phyan Pharm. developes "Anti-Epocine" and secretely supplies it to the French Army.

French Army, starts another division of mercenaries called "Wolfteam" and globally recruits personel. Only requirement was a basic physical and blood test. The selected mercenaries ranged in age and physique. They also followed the mercenary rules of not getting punished for crimes at any place.

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