Yamada Ryosuke
Last Name: Yamada
First Name: Ryosuke
Yamada Ryosuke
Gender: Male
Hometown: Kanagawa
Country of Origin: Japan
Birthday: May 9, 1993
Blood Type: B
Member of:
Hey Say JUMP: Vocalist
Type: Person
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Fans: 454
Forum Posts: 12
Wall Posts: 55
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Yamada Ryosuke

Ryōsuke Yamada (山田 涼介 Yamada Ryōsuke, born May 9, 1993), is a Japanese actor, talent, singer and a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. He is under the management of Johnny & Associates. He was born in the Tokyo Prefecture and currently resides in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP) is his best friend

Name: Yamada Ryosuke
Nickname: Yamachan, Yamada, Ryo-chan
Birthdate: May 9th, 1993
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Lives: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Fav. Food: Strawberry, Eggplant, Meat
Least Fav. Food: Tomato, Fermented Soybean
Hobbies: Cooking, Fishing
Fav. Subject: Social Studies
Fav. No.: 4
Fav. Color: White, Orange
Fav. Sport: Soccer
Group: Hey! Say! JUMP
Former group: Kitty Jr., Tap Kids, Hey! Say! 7
Admiried senior: Domoto Koichi
PVs participated in: Seishun Amigo, Venus, Fever to Future.
Achievements:Gained a total of 20 Jr. Awards in 2008(He broke Akanishi Jin's record of 16 Jr. Awards and is currently the most award winner.)
Won the 14th Jr. Award as "Most Ideal Lover"
Voted as "2007 most popular actor"on Myojo
Additional Info

He loves collecting coins.
He auditioned for Johnny's Jimusho on August 12,2004.
He doesn't like crititism.
He is a loud person.
He is afraid of ghosts,dark places and airplanes.
He is good at mimicking people.(monomane)
He likes girls who are kind and honest.