Yusuke Yamamoto
Last Name: Yamamoto
First Name: Yusuke
Gender: Male
Hometown: Aichi
Country of Origin: Japan
Blood Type: A
Type: Person
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Fans: 139
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Yusuke Yamamoto

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The dude that doesn't make me feel weird...

Ok, so Yusuke Yamamoto is really hot! Some may say cute, but I think both... depending on what he is wearing. Anyhow, the way he dresses doesn't make me feel like a total idiot. He sets a trend that doesn't bother me, and it's one that I can follow. Even so, this may sound stupid, but his hand proportions, they're like mine: big palm, shorter fingers, and kind of not normal looking fingers. I'm not saying it's bad for him, but that's just him, and that's just me. My friends, some think he's too weird to be an actor, but he doesn't bother me. He's totally awesome.