Zero Kiryu
Last Name: Kiryuu
First Name: Zero
Gender: Male
Country of Origin: Japan
Type: Person
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Zero Kiryu

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my opinion on zero kiryuu of vk

Zero is, by far, my favorite character in Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight guilty. It kills me, though, to see him suffer. He does not get a happy ending in either series. it's so tragic. Kaname, on the other hand, gets Yuki. And seriously, is anyone seeing the incest in that? anyways, I just wish he could have a happy ending. I would love to see a new character in Vampire Knight 3 maybe? A female, who loves him and accepts him. he deserves a nice ending.

I love ZERO <3
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zero kiryuu is cool!

ZERO KIRYU is so cool!!!!!!he is my favorite character in VK!!!!!
i love vampires and vampire hunters because of him!
he might never show his feelings for yuuki but i knew he loves her!!!!
i hope they end up together!^_^

YuukiXZero forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!