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シュタインズ ゲート

Air Date: Apr 6, 2011 to Sep 14, 2011
Episodes: 24
Type: Series
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Probably the best anime i've watched to this day

Amazing storyline, amazing character development, amazingly drawn, amazing is the word to describe every bit of this anime, it has no filler episodes, and you can never catch a breath, it is filled with " Oh shit" moments, it makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you smile, this anime successfully takes you into a ride of emotions without hurting solid storyline, this is a MUST WATCH for any anime fan on the planet, do yourself a favor and watch this.
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By the time you've read this review you could've been watching Steins Gate

I've seen a lot of Anime. I've seen Dubbed anime, and I've seen subbed anime (by the way the English voice-overs are spot on, and you'd regret not watching it in English). I've see crazy over the top anime, and I've seen down to earth anime. I've seen plots that make sense, and a whole hell of a lot of plots that don't.
This series beats them all.
I'm not joking. I love this show more than Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 and R2, though that show's ending is still the best ever. I love this show more than Gurren Lagann, though that show is probably the most inspiring show ever. Steins Gate's time travelling plot holds more water than Bioshock Infinite. The grim, gritty consequences are more heart wrenching than most of the Doctor Who plot twists. And it's genuinely funny to boot.
The characters are some of the most fleshed out in any series ever. Some of the characters fall under classic anime tropes, but you care about them as individuals because they are more than just skin deep. The anime quality and style is almost mesmerizing (I watched it in 1080 resolution), and since they take the time to flesh out the story line, much of the time there is no one speaking, you just have to watch.
If you haven't seen it, watch it. At the time of this review there have only been 3 other reviews, which is a crime. They only reason to stay away is if you need there to be action and fighting and blood in every episode, because there isn't. Also, if watching story-lines about time travel sickens you, stay away. Of course, if you hate feeling feelings, crying tears, and emotionally satisfying conclusions, you should probably stay away from this show for those reasons too.
For the rest of you, stop reading this review and watch the show. STOP.READING. NOW. GO. WATCH. STEINS. GATE.
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As smart as it is heartfelt, Steins;Gate is a time-traveling story done right.

Steins;Gate is deeply affecting and meticulously constructed time-traveling science-fiction anime.

It stars a diverse and likable cast with clear motivations and depth. The score is memorable and immersive. The animation is crisp and detailed. I found myself listening to the opening and ending themes of each and every episode, not just because because I enjoyed them, but also because I wanted the show to go on for as long as it could. The one negative thing I have to say about Steins;Gate is the comedy is a bit hit or miss, your degree of amusement is largely dependent on how much you like Engrish.

Nonetheless this is a show that no fan of anime, science-fiction, or well told stories should miss.
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A thrilling treat in time to watch!

The story is well put together and the plot can hardly be said with out spoiling too much. I will say that it is about time travel and at times, can be very unpredictable and shocking. Other times? Perhaps a little cliche. I did enjoy the plot and how every piece broke it self apart and put it self together for a satisfying ending. The OVA (1 episode) is needed for that feeling. Dubbed or subbed? Both are very well done and though I do like the Japanese slightly better, one particular character is much more annoying in the subbed.

My all-time favourite anime

Wow. This anime was absolutely amazing. Starting off, I had very low expectations for it, seeing it featured on Netflix but expecting it to be another write-off series that just would be used to pass the time.

Oh how wrong I was.

Story: Steins;Gate focuses mainly on time travel, and is one of the most well thought out and innovative anime that I've seen in a long time. Not only are it's ideas shocking and unexpected, but they actually make sense, and it ties up every single loose end, so it'll definitely feel you leaving satisfied at the end. It is centered around "Okabe Rintarou", a self-proclaimed "mad scientist" and his friends, who most of the time are visiting his lab, which is an apartment above a TV store. I won't go in to any more detail than that, as you really should see it for yourself.

Characters: The cast of characters is outstanding, and, in my opinion, they were all fleshed out perfectly, playing to no clichés or common anime tropes, so you'll never know what to expect. Okabe is very likable, as is everyone else in the lab, and Kurisu is my favourite character of all-time, anime or otherwise.

Animation: The art was average, but for an anime made in 2009, it definitely is still on-par with ones currently being released, and I was never appalled with it's quality. And there was many a scene where I simply went "Wow." The thing about Steins;Gate, is that it knows when it needs to shine, and it stands out at the most important parts, leaving a great impact. Timing is everything, folks.

Soundtrack: While the opening and ending themes weren't really my cup of tea, they definitely suited the anime well, so I still listen to them often for the sake of remembering Steins;Gate. Also, as a general rule, I'm not really a guy who pays attention to BGM, but from what I could tell, it was well used. The voice actors are simply amazing and highly skilled, and they all suit their character. Also, the sound effects in this were perfectly timed, and it added so much to the ambiance and suspense of every situation. The sound was most certainly above average.

Overall, this anime is simply perfect. I consider it a must-watch for any anime fan out there looking for a ticket to the Feelippines. This will forever be my favourite, and I've seen many renowned anime.

El. Psy. Congroo.

Really well done series

A must watch if you are a drama fan, this series was great to watch and it's one of those that makes you want to sit down all day and watch it all at once, not many series do this to me but this was great and very well done. Also if you are a fan of Chaos Head I believe these two animes have something to do with one another, wish Crunchyroll published it.