Linebarrels of Iron

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    A Nice Simple Review
    Unexpected. In many ways a typical anime but at times very real and very funny. There's plenty of action so you can't be bored. The relationships tended to be very complicated and of course the fate of the world rested in the hands of a teenager who was more mouth than anything else but at least he was sincere. While its not an all time favorite it was worth watching.
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    Some series seamlessly blend fanservice and drama..
    Linebarrels is not one of those series. I'd had high hopes for this series while watching episode one, it had well neat mechs, a refreshingly unbalance/vengeful protagonist , and creepy mysterious enemy to fight. Then Gonzo ruined it by explaining that the only way to get into a mech is to molest a "naked for no legitimate reason" woman in a excessively drawn out transformation sequence. The ...
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