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Little Busters!

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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    great addition to Key-based anime; lightest yet. UPDATE (end of season)
    Another great chapter in Key-based anime. Really enjoying the show. Much better than Air and Kanon, but not nearly as good as Clannad. It is so Key. The mysteriousness, memories, flashbacks, possibly alternate worlds. I'm happy to see what the animator do with current technology; animation is taken to the next level from previous series. Even if you've never watch a Key anime or any visual novel, ...
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  • 4 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
    A good anime, but...
    I first started watching the anime, and thought very little of it. It felt like a happy type anime where only fun things occur, until the usual key type stories appeared. This and a couple of things led me to the visual novel (which by the way is a brilliant masterpiece), and now I look forward to how J.C. Staff will portray the story in the remaining episodes. I understand they had to cut out a ...
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  • Seems like a standard slice of life trauma recovery story till the end.
    All I want to say is that this anime holds back the pain until the last couple of episodes and then just slams you with almost everything in one shot. Otherwise, it's a really fun one to watch and laugh at. Memorable characters whose backgrounds are somewhat stereotypical but good nonetheless really help you connect with the story.
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  • Very good show to watch!
    First I thought this anime was about baseball... I was wrong. Little busters is about friendship, and how friends can help you overcome difficulties in life. The show has a playful tone, but it also brings up serious themes as well. I would recommend Little busters to people who is interested in a good story that is told in a great way. The show has 2 seasons and does not take long to watch.
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  • Little Busters! & Little Busters! Refrain review
    Little Busters! is an absolutely fantastic anime. Gaining an easy 5/5 score from me. So going into a conclusive second season seemed like a win in my mind right from the start. However what I was met with was far from what I thought it would be. Changing my entire perspective on its storytelling, pacing, and ultimately my score for the series.

    Continuing right where we left off from ...
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  • You Don't Know What You're in for...
    First, we have a pretty standard season of friendship amidst hard times. Characters are good, music is top notch, and animation isn't too bad. However...

    ...you are bugged and played with forever here. Think of it as retribution for the next season that follows. This second season is short, hardcore emotion that will break your heart.

    The story ends up being so beautiful, fun, sad, ...
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  • Awesomeness over 9000
    Yeah sure the first season was meh but quite funny and still you only think like that if you dont put to much atention to some episodes and the S2 i dont have words to describe how much i "almost" *cough* *cough* cry hard on it, i Definitely recomend this anime to everyone.
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  • For all who rated this a ONE STAR
    This anime had 40 episodes due to character build up which i look for in most animes like Angel Beats, Clannad and other novels made by Key. This anime also gave me the feels numerous of times. If you are confused with the anime you needn't worry because everything is explained at the end. I would rate this anime a 6 star if i could.
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  • My Comments on Little Busters
    This anime is funny and sad which make it revolve into a great anime. It has a lot of suspense and changes a lot when you get to the refrain. It shows off that even though things are hopeless there are people and friends to rely on. It is a great comedy do to the fact of many boys and girls hanging out together.
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  • I love everything about this anime!
    Such a feel good anime. The characters are well drawn with lovable and fun personalities. story line is really interesting i like it alot, and it gets better when you watch Refrain. I wouldn't mind another season. Just to see the little busters play around and have fun! But No more sad sh*t, i cant take it lol.
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