Lupin the Third Part 2

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    Pure nostalgia with best dubs around
    i've always stayed up late to watch this show on adult swim when i was younger, it was just fun without the sexuality most anime's do now adays, but don't get me wrong it has it, it just isn't the main focus, brilliantly written, best english dubs i have ever heard for an anime this old, and watching it now is pure nostalgia
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  • Lupin the THIIIIIIIRD! So much fun and humor!
    Such and amazing series. it's the show that got me started on anime. My brother and I still quote this show from time to time, even 15 years later. Thank you for putting this on Crunchyroll.

    Lupin the 3rd follows the random adventures of Lupin the 3rd, the greatest international thief on earth and his two on and off again accomplices Jigen, a crack shot pistol marksmen and Goemon, an old school ...
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