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  • What an amazing show, not what you might expect initially
    It starts off as an adventure type show, but after the first 5-10 episodes, it suddenly kicks up a gear and includes super bad and cool villains, politics, kingdoms and alliances (but not in a boring american tv based way), and lot more magic and creativity than what you may have expected. Lots of original and fresh concepts.

    My favourite being the combination of Alibaba, Aladdin and Sinbad ...
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  • 1 out of 8 people found this review helpful:
    Magi Review - ImperfectAnge1
    To be honest, I find this a mediocre anime. Specifically speaking, I like the development of the story in the beginning and how the characters were being presented. However, I feel its as if you can already predict what is going to happen which makes it kind of a let down in my opinion. If you go further onto the story (I went on reading the manga), it doesn't captivate me much. Its not a bad ...
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    Possibly the Best anime i have every seen.
    If i were to describe magi in one word, i would need to invent a new word
    For the longest time, i was aware of the manga for magi but always put out reading it, even when the anime came out i didn't start watching it right away. I don't know why, maybe because magi wasn't extremely hyped or talked about back then. However, when i did start watching it i almost couldn't believe what a gem of ...
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  • Sorta Review on the first 15ish episodes
    Okay so the story is fantastic and character development as well. You fall in love with the characters and share emotions with them. Cliffhangers and twists also appear which leave you speechless. This is a MUST WATCHHHH. I only found some of the characters to be annoying, but other than that is an A++++ Anime
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    If ever there was a anime that peeked my curiosity Magi is the one. For old timers it reflects back on the Japan anime series of Sindbad and Alibaba in the 70's. A anime also from Japan back then. But this series is much more then that. As we all travel along with Aladdin in his quest to understand himself. And do best in life and for others. Magi is a must see Anime. I find myself always waiting ...
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  • 3 out of 16 people found this review helpful:
    Wasted potential and far too forced to be enjoyable...
    This series is certainly one I have mixed feelings on. I felt it has some serious potential but has squandered that so far. Let me go into the positives first. This anime sets the stage for an incredible world where there are many of these towers that act as dungeons. Make it through the deathtraps and you are rewarded with wealth and power of a djinn. I thought this was an incredibly original and ...
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  • Love Love Love Love Magi
    The highs, the lows the pain, the loneliness, the connections the drama! I love Magi. Amazing, fresh original. I honestly can't wait to see what happens next lol this is one of the only reasons I have a membership. It's addictive. You can feel the depth of each character. So much goes into even the supporting characters it's definitely worth your time.
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  • One of my new favorites
    I kept seeing stuff about this all over tumblr, so I decided to give it a chance because it looked cool, and when I started the first episode I wasn't so sure I would like it. But I decided to watch another one, because why not? And once it had me hooked, I was hooked. I couldn't stop talking about it and I've been telling everyone to watch it because this show is AMAZING! And every time I thought ...
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  • Not What I Expected... But Worked Out For The Best
    When I first saw this show I was taken aback because the show seemed really stupid at first, (I made fun of Alibaba's name a lot) it wasn't as I expected. [Aladdin is a boob monster lol] But as I continued to watch it, it grew on me. The way the makers of this show made it was really awesome. They pretty much nailed all their facial expressions. Anyways as the show proceeded I fell in love with ...
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  • I love this show so much
    So just to explain my minor was classical history which is basically ancient history I focused mostly on ancient mythologies. This show is my Idea of paradise It is but on the arabian nights it has magic and politics and ideologies clashing. It has likeable and relatable main characters and strong supporting characters. The villians our amazing having real reasons for being the way they are. Some ...
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