Mazinger Edition Z

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    Fantastic Distillation of Mazinger Z
    A really excellent reimagining of Mazinger Z. If I were to state a con, it would be that it ends on a cliffhanger that isn't followed up in anime form, though there is in manga. Excellent performance by both seiyuu of Baron Ashura, Ishitobi Koya (male half) and Yamagata Kaori (female half). Features great opening and ending songs too.
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    Highly Recomended as an old fan
    I used to watch the Spanish dub of Mazinger Z as a kid on TV every day for as long as I can remember until I was 14. Needless to say I have been a fan my entire life and IMHO this is a great version. All the stuff that made the original great are still there, dialed up to 11, with the story and cast expanded while decreasing the episode count.

    I would complain about the cliffhanger ending but ...
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  • A return to classic MANime
    This series is fan-freaking tastic. I'm a HUGE fan of mecha anime, and I've always wanted to watch more of the Mazinger series because Mazinger Z is one of the most iconic mecha ever.
    Balls to the wall action, great humor, and that classic hot-blooded badassery that made me fall in love with anime in the first place
    This is not just an anime, this is MANime.
    They don't make many anime's like ...
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