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    Hard to get into initially with a slow and pointless progression through the first few episodes, but develops into one of the best animes I have seen, especially through the second season
    At first I put off this anime for some time trying to figure out if it was worth my time or not, and finally took a look into it. At first, it seemed like a pointless anime with not much going on, but soon developed a meaningful and suspenseful plot while also keeping comedic ideas. The second season was where the anime really shined though, and where it earned a five star rating from me. ...
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  • My Top Pick for the Spring 2012 Season
    I had some trouble trying to decide which show was my favorite from this season and in the end I picked "Medaka Box". I mostly picked this show for its unusual storyline. It has some similarities to "Okami-san & Her Seven Companions" but not nearly as comical. Even though I gave it 5 stars I do not recommend this show to just anyone.
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  • Looking Forward to Another Season
    Like most shounen jump school anime/manga it comes off with a slow start that can both relaxing to watch and utterly boring when it starts to repeat itself. Is this Medaka box? Yes and no. This anime does it's best to captivate it's audience, whether the battle be mental or physical, and I can honestly say that it has me chuckle at least once in every episode. I must say with these type of anime ...
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  • Supremely weird but awesome
    I really don't understand the jump between season one and two, but this show is utterly amazing. It's really slow to start up, hopping between weird adventure in the Sandbox academy to the next with no real goal in mind. Once it picks up steam though, it goes from this happy happy world of Medeka to nearly nonstop fighting action. The characters are all kinda shallow with warped, exaggerated ...
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  • ridiculous and entertaining
    This is a great series to keep in your queue and watch an episode or 2 at a time now and then. Medaka Box is tremendously entertaining, and does not take itself the slightest bit seriously. Many of the characters are so ridiculous that you wonder, "How can it get any more absurd?" Yet the show never fails to one-up on itself, and each episode only gets more and more strange, or maybe more and ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    very good and well done
    this anime is one of the best i have seen in my life because first, it is creative and interesting,second,it is an original story, last but not least the art is amazing! i love how the anime has many different characters with oh so creative and fun personalities! to me my favorite character is medaka's brother! if somebody is reading please make sure to tell me your favorite character! XD
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  • 4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
    Like a locomotive gaining steam...
    Medaka Box was a speculative pick up (I hadn't read the manga previously) for my free time during the holidays as the initial premise for the show is neither fresh or exciting. A student council president offering to help her student cohort with any problem they have (lost dogs, lack of models for art class etc) seems pretty shallow. However, once you let the show breath and discover more ...
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  • Second season and beyond (Manga) is where the entertainment begins
    You'll be following Medaka Kurokami in her quest to help the students of Hakoniwa academy as a Student Council President. As she carries on her quest, she began meeting students with problems that are beyond normal. Of course, as the Student Council President, it is her duty to help these students. However, beyond this seemingly normal high-school life (at least in anime) lies ...
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  • ITS GAINAX, but somewhat reserved
    First thing is first, I am a diehard Gainax fan. I would give Gainax every cent to my name if they asked because of the series I have enjoyed with their name behind it. In the case of Medaka Box my faith is still affirmed but uneasy; because it combines Gainax with something I ABHOR above all else, highschool setting shows. Anything high school setting I want to burn it to the ground. With ...
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  • 2 out of 18 people found this review helpful:
    Medaka Box Inpressions
    First of all, the voice acting is terrible. All of the characters sound so fake. And Medaka is the worst. She’s supposed to be some super-GAR, passionate beast. Instead she sounds like an indifferent, whiny little girl. And three quarters of the show is devoted to worshiping this utterly unlikable character.

    Second, the small part they animated is the worst, most boring part of the manga. But ...
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