My Lifes Golden Age

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  • Liked it but were more episodes then necessary to tell story
    The main character is Geum whose a track coach and focuses on her relationship with Kyung. A secondary storyline relating to Geum's half sister Hwang and the problems in her marriage. There are other minor story lines surrounding these 2 major ones. This series is probably about 10 episodes too long. Too much re-hashing of the same fights between Hwang and her husband and Geum's run in's with ...
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    Nice story of three siblings
    This drama explores the lives of three siblings. But it did seem to focus more on the two daughters. I greatly looked forward to watching what happened to them. There's romance, pain, and forgiveness in each of their lives. It also shows how three different families get connected because of these themes. I think the characters did a good job of acting out their roles and at the end, I was glad I ...
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