My Little Nightmare

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  • Great series I recommend this
    Brilliant Japanese Drama! This is one of the first dramas I have ever seen, and I loved it. It was captivating to watch the episodes and I loved the great theme and message behind it. Towards the end I felt that the episodes became a lot more touchy feely and at times I teared up, This is a beautiful series although it starts off fairly slow at the start. Over the episodes as I watched I grew to ...
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  • 1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
    If you like watching a show that has a bit of the fantastical with reality....
    This show is fun and touched by comedy, mystey and action. You'll find a mix of everything from children's insecurities to a bit of blossoming romance between adults. If you're learning Japanese, it's a good one to listen to because of the school situations and younger characters. The characters seem genuine enough and to me they are fairly well developed through the course of the episodes.

    I ...
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