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    Saturday February 6, 2016
  • FEATURE: "Kiznaiver" Voice Actor 03: Yuka Terasaki as Chidori Takashiro

    New anime from studio TRIGGER to stream exclusively on Crunchyroll

    As part of the build up to the debut of Crunchyroll’s exclusive stream of Kiznaiver, the new anime from Studio TRIGGER, we present a video interview with Yuka Terasaki who plays the part of Chidori Takashiro in the upcoming series. Enjoy the clip after the jump!

  • Friday February 5, 2016
  • FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Singles Awareness Edition

    February is the MONTH OF LOVE on Fanart Friday, starting with UNREQUITED LOVE!

    Fanart Friday kicks off a MONTH OF LOVE, four themes to celebrate Valentine's Day all month long... sort of. For the first installment, we talk about UNREQUITED LOVE--hit the jump to spend some quality time with your favorite between-relationships characters from Nagi no Asukara, Monogatari, Berserk, Gintama, and much more!

  • Thursday February 4, 2016
  • FEATURE: "Nitroplus Blasterz -Heroines Infinite Duel-" Review

    Nitroplus throws its hat into the fighting ring with an all-new mascot fighter!

    It's another week, which means there's another off-the-wall anime fighter up for review! Nitroplus Blasterz takes loads of several famous heroines and throws them into the mix along with every good fighting mechanic worth "borrowing," but are the results up to snuff or is this an Infinite Duel worth staying out of? Blast on over the jump for our full review!

  • Wednesday February 3, 2016
  • FEATURE: Bandai Akiba Showroom January 2016 "Saint Seiya" Edition

    And Godzilla, Love Live!, Gundam, Gintama, Ranma 1/2, and more!

    The current main theme at Bandai's Tamashii Nations AKIBA Showroom in the JR Akihabara station's East-West Hall is its newly launched 10cm-tall action figure line "D.D.PANORAMATION" featuring the characters from the Saint Seiya anime series based on Masami Kurumada's long-running manga. Check the latest photo report after the jump.

  • Tuesday February 2, 2016
  • FEATURE: Aniwords – Elements of the Pastoral in Konosuba

    In which giant frogs take on deep semiotic meaning...

    What do Greek poetry, Shakespeare, and one of this season's top anime comedies—Konosuba—have in common? Isaac breaks it all down in this week's Aniwords, so hit the jump and check it out!

  • FEATURE: Anime/Game Street Ads in Akihabara: January 2016

    Divine Gate, Madoka Magica, Luck & Logic, Lucky Dog 1, and more!

    After participating in the 115th Comitia, the largest original doujinshi event at Tokyo Big Sight, I again visited the Akihabara town in Tokyo on Sunday afternoon, to check the latest anime/game street ads for my regular photo report. Check my new photo report of the streets below.

  • Monday February 1, 2016
  • FEATURE: TV Anime "Norn+Nonetto" Exhibition at Tokyo Anime Center

    Admission-free event is scheduled to be held till February 7

    Tokyo Anime Center, located on the fourth floor of the Akihabara UDX building, is holding an exhibition dedicated to the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Otomeito's PSP otome game Norn9 Norn+Nonetto from January 25 to February 7, displaying character standees, scene panels and various production materials. Check the photo report after the jump!

  • Sunday January 31, 2016
  • FEATURE: "Dimension W Museum" at Gamers Akihabara Store

    Standees, scene panels, manga arts, manga tankobons

    Gamers' Akihabara main store has set up a little exhibition space titled "Dimension W Museum" featuring the ongoing TV anime adaptation of Yuji Iwahara's sci-fi action manga on its seventh floor since January 16, and it ends its two-week run today, January 31. Check the photo report after the jump.

  • Friday January 29, 2016
  • FEATURE: "Maho Girls PreCure!" Now Featured at Bandai Headquarters

    13th PreCure TV series will premiere on February 7

    One of the largest Japanese toy companies, Bandai has its headquarters in Asakusa, Tokyo. The current featured anime title on the front display section of the building is Mahou Tsukai PreCure!/Maho Girls PreCure!, the highly anticipated upcoming 13th PreCure TV series. Check the latest photo report after the jump.

  • FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Vanilla Snow Edition

    Blend in with the blizzard on this week's Fanart Friday with the color WHITE!

    Wrapping up a three-week COLORS theme, Fanart Friday is reminding you not to mix in any new red shirts with this week's laundry as we focus on WHITE! Hit the jump to check out fan-made masterpieces featuring your favorite white-clad (or white-repping) characters from No Game No Life, Final Fantasy, Deadman Wonderland, the Marvel universe, and much more!

  • FEATURE: Crunchyroll’s Best “Short and Sweet” Anime

    Watch the Crunchyroll Shorts Marathon Livestream today at 5pm PST!

    In honor of the Crunchyroll Shorts Marathon Livestream happening today at 5pm PST over at www.crunchyroll.com/live, here’s an introduction to some of the very best short-length anime available for viewing right now on ‘ol CR. Your long wild weekend, full of shorts, begins after the jump!

  • Tuesday January 26, 2016
  • FEATURE: Aniwords – ERASED and the Cinematic Life

    "You can lead a man to the past, but you can't make him change it."

    On this week's Aniwords, Isaac discusses how the season's hit show, ERASED, uses the film motif to draw the audience in and comment on the anime itself. You won't want to miss this, so hit the jump and check it out!

  • Monday January 25, 2016
  • FEATURE: Monster Mondays - Tanuki

    Learn about the raccoon-like TANUKI in this week's MONSTER MONDAYS!

    This month on MONSTER MONDAYS, we showcase the Tanuki, an adorable raccoon-like beast that's renowned for being a mischievous, exceptionally-endowed critter. Check out anime sightings and more after the jump!

  • Friday January 22, 2016
  • FEATURE: Fanart Friday - Goes With Everything Edition

    Our three-part COLORS theme continues with BLACK!

    Whether it's a black shirt, a black jacket, or a little black dress, it goes with everything, whether as an accent or as an entire outfit! On this week's Fanart Friday, we get stylish and sleek with fan-made masterpieces of your favorite black-clad heroes and villains from Star Wars, DURARARA!!, D.Gray-Man, RWBY and much more!

  • Wednesday January 20, 2016
  • FEATURE: "Resident Evil 0" (PS4) Review

    What's pretty old is newish again in this slightly updated, somewhat retouched edition!

    Fourteen years after its release on the Gamecube, Resident Evil 0 is reborn on current-gen hardware, sporting remastered graphics, a playable Albert Wesker, and optional revamped controls! But is it enough to warrant digging up this classic game's grave, or would Capcom have done well to let Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen rest in peace? Drag your sorry corpse over the jump to find out in our full review!