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    Tuesday May 15, 2012
  • Review: Cave's "Akai Katana" Shoot 'em Up Scores Big

    Horizontal scrolling madness that's a blast to master

    Cave's latest game to hit shelves is Akai Katana, a horizontal-scrolling shoot 'em up set in a world parallel to Japan's Taishō period. It also happens to be one of Cave's best in quite some time. Read all about it in our review past the break! 

  • Saturday May 5, 2012
  • Cave's "Akai Katana" Shooter Heads to North America on May 15

    Have some horizontal-scrolling bullet hell later this month

    Thanks to Rising Star Games, pre-orders are now up for legendary shmup developer Cave's Akai Katana, which is headed to Xbox 360 on May 15 in North America, and May 11 in Europe. We posted the announcement trailer last month, but now we have more concrete dates to look forward to. Read on for more!

  • Tuesday April 10, 2012
  • VIDEO: Cave Bullet Hell Shooter "Akai Katana" Announcement Trailer

    Lots and lots and lots and lots of bullets... and some bishoujo

    Rising Star, a UK publisher of fan-favorite Japanese titles, is going to be bringing Japanese titles to the US, starting with Cave's gorgeous bullet hell shooter Akai Katana! Hit the jump to check out the intense announcement trailer!

  • Friday April 15, 2011
  • Cave Brings More Screen-filling Madness with Akai Katana

    Spend a hot hot evening in Bullet Hell

    Akai Katana is the latest shooter from one of the most legendary developers in the genre, Cave. Some of the Cave games you may or may not be familiar with include DoDonPachi (1997), Mushihime-sama (2004) and DeathSmiles(2007). Akai Katana continues a proud tradition of pleasurable pain, as evidenced in the video after the jump.