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    Tuesday April 24, 2018
  • Takashi Murakami Is Launching His UNIQLO x Doraemon Collaboration In New York City!

    Special collaboration line will launch in May at select stores and online

    Fans of Takashi Murakami's visual style that live in New York City are in for a special treat this weekend, as the Uniqlo fast fashion chain will be launching the noted artist's collaboration with the brand and Fujio F. Fujiko's Doraemon in a very unique and colorful collection officially launching next month in select stores and online. Hit the jump for the details.

  • Sunday April 8, 2018
  • "Chargeman Ken!" Goes Vintage in New T-Shirts

    Retro anime gets a stylish makeover from Hardcore Chocolate

    Need a little more old school in your wardrobe? Hardcore Chocolate is putting out a new Chargeman Ken! T-shirt in retro style for fans of 70s anime. Hit the jump to find out where to get yours!

  • Sunday February 25, 2018
  • Japanese Casual Wear Brand GU Offers Its First "Evangelion" Collaboration Items

    Human scale figures of Rei, Asuka, and Unit-01 will be displayed at stores

    Japanese casual wear brand GU will start offering its first collaboration apparel items with the internationally popular anime franchise Evangellion at its 280 stores across the country and online store from March 12. And Kotono Mitsuishi, the VA of Misato Katsuragi, serves as a DJ for its in-store USEN broadcast between March 12 and 18. Check out the key visual featuring the Eva characters with the GU items after the jump.

  • Wednesday December 13, 2017
  • "Kuroko's Basketball" Launches Its First Apparel Brand "KUROCORZET"

    Its initial lineup including "Kuroko's Denim Shirt" will be available in March 2018

    Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai launched "KUROCORZET," a new apparel brand inspired by the characters from the Kuroko's Basketball anime series today, and started accepting pre-orders for its first nine items today. The brand name "KUROCORZET" was combined from "KUROKO" and "CLOSET", and the "C" also means "Clothes." Check out the first lineup after the jump!

  • Tuesday September 5, 2017
  • Gendo Would Definitely Rock These "Evangelion" Running Shoes From New Balance

    New subdued running shoe collection slated for launch in Japan and China this week

    New Balance is best known for being the running shoe popular with suburban dads, the elderly and streetwear fans. The aforementioned is also most likely why the brand chose to launch a line of Evangelion-inspired running shoes. Hit the jump for pics and details

  • Tuesday May 30, 2017
  • Bandai Launches "Tiger & Bunny" New Apparel Brand for Adults, "SOURCES GRIFFIN"

    Four-type shirts inspired by Kotetsu and Barnaby will be shipped in August

    Bandai's apparel division has launched its new fashion brand "SOURCES GRIFFIN" inspired by Kotetsu T. Kaburagi and Barnaby Brooks Jr., the two male protagonist in the Tiger & Bunny anime franchise. The company's character fashion site BanColle! today started accepting pre-orders for its first lineup of four-type shirts.Check out the product photos after the jump.

  • Wednesday February 17, 2016
  • Ridiculous "Case Closed" Shoes and Socks Will Help You Solve Crimes

    ERIMAKI SOX collaboration features Conan and Kaitou Kid styles

    Look, we're not guaranteeing that these Case Closed/Detective Conan shoes and socks will reveal whodunnit, but there's a pretty good chance something magical will happen. ERIMAKI SOX has a collaboration with Detective Conan in Japan, and the results are truly stunning. See more pics after the jump.

  • Tuesday January 28, 2014
  • Retailer Hot Topic Adds "Attack On Titan" Shirts to Product Line

    Online-exclusive shirts could be expanded to stores with strong online sales this week

    Evergreen tenant of American shopping malls Hot Topic has now added Attack on Titan to its lineup of pop culture merchandise with shirt designs for Boys and Girls. Both designs are currently online exclusive, but if there is enough sales volume this week, the possibility exists that the shirts will be rolled out to locations nationwide. So what do the shirts look like? Hit the jump for the first look.

  • Saturday November 23, 2013
  • New "Moyashimon" Hoodie Up For Pre-Order With 105 Bacteria Design

    This is probably what the micro organisms look like

    The Natalie Store in Japan is offering new Moyashimon merchandise that is also going to be available at various events thoughout Japan, including Super Oktober Fest in Tokyo Dome 2013 and pre-orders are open for the new line. The new Moyashimon Hoodie features 105 bacteria on it, exactly as Tadayasu would see them. See the hoodie after the jump!

  • Friday November 15, 2013
  • COSPA Introduces "Kill la Kill" Senketsu Hoodie for Pre-Order

    Pre-order is open for hoodie version of Senketsu uniform

    Ryuko may have found her Senketsu in the rubble of her home's basement in Kill la Kill, but you don't have to even bother with that mess because COSPA is offering a new Senketsu hoodie for the rest of us! Pre-orders for a hoodie with Senketsu's design are now open on COSPA's website, with the hoodie to be shipped in mid-January. See the image after the jump!

  • Thursday November 7, 2013
  • Wear Tetsuya 2 Go From "Kuroko's Basketball" As A New Neckwarmer!

    It's got the same eyes as Tetsu....plus more Kuroko's Basketball merchandise

    Seirin High School's cute mascot dog, Tetsuya 2 Go from Kuroko's Basketball has become a neck warmer that you can wear! Pre-orders are now open at Movic Japan and its long body and adorable face that reminds you of certain shadow is sure to get your attention. How about a pair of very wearable KuroBasu school branded socks or a new fall-themed clear file set? All of that follows after the jump!

  • Wednesday October 23, 2013
  • Ginoza's Coat From "PSYCHO-PASS" Now Available For Purchase

    New item at Noitamina Shop

    Right after the TV series ended, I remember the voice actors of PSYCHO-PASS joke that if there was a second season, it may be considered GINOZA-PASS on the official radio show and Noitamina Apparel's focus is now on Ginoza Nobuchika as the apparel brand is turning the Inspector's coat into reality. See the image after the jump!

  • Sunday October 13, 2013
  • Pre-Orders Open For Sheryl's Nome's Dress Made By Angelic Pretty

    New design dress from recent event made by lolita brand

    Macross Frontier's galactic fairy Sheryl Nome has a new dress design and Japanese lolita brand Angelic Pretty turned it into a real dress available for fans to purchase. This is part of the Oshare Macross F9 event currently going on at the Marui Annex in Japan and pre-orders are now open until October 31st at Angelic Pretty's Shinjuku location only. See the dress and even more Sheryl-related merchandise after the jump!

  • Wednesday October 9, 2013
  • After "Kuroko" It's "K-ON!"'s Turn For An Apparel Collaboration

    Really cute teaser image posted on official Twitter

    Japanese apparel brand earth has been aggressively working with anime titles to offer collaboration items to anime fans and after the successful Kuroko's Basketball project, next up is K-ON! as the earth official twitter posted a teaser image of the 5 girls in outfits that are likely the new K-ON! collaboration designs.  See the image after the jump!

  • Saturday September 28, 2013
  • "Tiger & Bunny's" Kotetsu Models For Apparel Brand BEAMS

    "Tiger & Bunny" madness still alive in Japan

    It's been a few years since the TV series ended in Japan for corporate hero action buddy anime Tiger & Bunny, but the fandom is still going very strong in Japan. Japanese apparel brand BEAMS recently used Kotetsu to model their regular line of clothing and they sold out in minutes as a result. Hit the jump for the new images!