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    Sunday December 4, 2016
  • ART OF WAR Celebrates 20th Anniversary with "Berserk" Figures

    Guts and Casca look realer than ever in "Winter Journey."

    ART OF WAR is celebrating 20 years of amazing figures and statues with an exclusive Berserk release. This statue of Guts and Casca is highly detailed and also highly rare -- less than 100 will be produced. Hit the jump to find out how to get your hands on one!

  • Friday November 18, 2016
  • New "Berserk" OST Cover Art Is Freakin' Metal

    New series soundtrack album will be available later this month.

    The art for the 2016 Berserk OST is just as dark and gritty as the show itself. And the CD goes on sale at the end of this month! Check out the cover art and find out how to get your own copy after the jump.

  • Saturday November 12, 2016
  • "Berserk and the Band of the Hawk" Gets Its Third Installment of DLC

    Costumes and additional scenarios fill out the new chunk of DLC.

    It's not even out yet in North America, but Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is getting another set of DLC -- this will be the third release, in fact. The latest DLC just released a couple of days ago on November 10 and will include several goodies for any big Berserk fan. Get a look after the jump!

  • Tuesday October 25, 2016
  • "Berserk" God Hand Figma Set Completed With Void and Ubik

    Duo due in May, 2017

    After scheduling their figma of Berserk's Femto for February 2017 (specifically identified as the version from the third part of the anime movie trilogy), then figma Slan & figFIX Conrad for May, it's now time for FREEing, Max Factory and Good Smile Company to complete their God Hand offering. A set of a poseable figma of Void and fixed figFix of Ubik are now on sale, joining  Slan and Conrad in May.

  • Friday October 21, 2016
  • "Berserk and the Band of the Hawk" Videos Highlight Schierke, Boss Fights, and More

    PS4/Vita game hits Japan on October 27, the west in February

    Koei Tecmo and PlayStation Japan shared some fresh footage for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk, starting with an extended preview of Schierke in action. It's another lengthy video like last week's Guts-focused outing, and after that you can check out Koei Tecmo's boss battles preview and a sample of the PS Vita version.

  • Tuesday October 18, 2016
  • "Berserk and the Band of the Hawk" Game Shares Its Intense Opening

    Omega Force's brutal action game hits the west in February

    A few notable moments from Kentaro Miura's Berserk series are on full display in the opening movie for Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. See how Omega Force's brutal action game opens in Koei Tecmo's latest preview after the jump.