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    Thursday October 20, 2016
  • "Twin Star Exorcists Art" And "Good Luck Girl!" Author Docks For A NSFW-ish Crossover Sketch

    Sukeno also did some analysis of the art for Yuki Wakai's Suzu character single

    On Twitter, Twin Star Exorcists author Yoshiaki Sukeno has been saying goodbye to the series' second opening, i☆Ris' "Re:Call" and congratulations to the unit's Yū Serizawa on her upcoming December birthday solo performance. As well as singing, Serizawa voices the series' Mayura Otomi, and while riffing on that character, he introduced her to Ichiko Sakura, the heroine of his earlier Good Luck Girl!/Binbogami Ga!

  • Saturday May 25, 2013
  • FUNimation Announces Preliminary "Binbogami ga!" Home Video Release Plans

    Plans penciled in for September

    After developing some very enthusiastic fans with its simulcast run, comedy anime Binbogami ga! has now found a spot on FUNimation's home video release schedule. Last fall's Jump Square manga adaptation is slated to hit North America this fan, with plans penciled for September. More after the jump.