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    Wednesday September 25, 2013
  • FEATURE: Linkool 2013 Photo Report "Dokidoki! PreCure" Show

    The 10th PreCure girls gave delight to the children in reality

    While the most featured anime title at Linkool 2013 was Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the most popular and crowded event was obviously the Dokidoki!PreCure character show which was performed twice in the afternoon of the third day. The children were cheering their favorite heroines passionately shouting "Gambare!". Check the photo report after the jump.

  • Friday August 17, 2012
  • FEATURE: Kamen Rider Fourze Character Show Photo Report

    13th Heisei Kamen Rider appears on the stage

    One of Japan's most popular attractions for children is live character show by their favorite TV characters such as Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and PreCure. Even in my city Kochi, where the Heisei Kamen Rider series has never been broadcasted on terrestrial television, the latest hero Kamen Rider Fourze came for the kids last Saturday. Check the photo report after the jump!

  • Sunday March 4, 2012
  • FEATURE: Ultraman Max Character Show at Housing Event in Japan

    Meeting with your Ultra hero in reality!

    "Character Show" featuring popular anime/tokusatsu characters played by suit actors on stage is very popular entertainment in Japan. It is sometimes used even for attracting customers to the unrelated events. Ultraman Max, one of the heroes from the popular Ultraman series, appeared at a small housing event in my local area this weekend. Check the photo report after the jump!