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    Thursday October 27, 2016
  • FEATURE: Head Space - "Dragon Ball Super" is the Franchise's Perfect Form

    Super is a fusion dance of old and new to create the strongest Dragon Ball yet

    Dragon Ball had charm and Dragon Ball Z had epic action. Dragon Ball Super has both, and a whole lot more. This new iteration of the Dragon Ball franchise is a labor of love, staying true to our fondest memories while carrying it into the modern era of anime with depth, feeling, and a whole lot of nostalgia. Check out what Toriyama's new addition to his legendary work has to offer, after the jump!

  • Wednesday November 4, 2015
  • FEATURE: "Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden" Review

    Yo! Son Goku and friends are back to duke it out all over again!!

    Seems that every time a new fighting game is released, Shane has to crawl out of his shadowy hideaway to give it a once-over. This week he's taking a look at Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, Goku and company's latest fighting foray on the 3DS. But is this a serious contender worth getting behind, or just a quick and dirty cash grab with a famous license? Hop aboard your flying nimbus and hit the jump for our full review!!