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    Tuesday July 7, 2015
  • "Fairy Tail" Author Posts Tanabata Summer Festival Art

    Hiro Mashima shares annual Tanabata art

    On July 7th, Japan celebrates the star festival Tanabata, which marks the meeting of lover deities Orihime and Hikoboshi who are able to reunite only on the seventh day of the seventh month. Traditions include wearing yukata for summer festivals, and, as in past years, Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima has taken the opportunity to present his take on the story. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sunday July 5, 2015
  • Kodansha Announces Manga Licenses Including "Princess Jellyfish"

    Plans announced at Anime Expo

    At this weekend Animem Expo, Kondansha announced a slate of manga publishing plans that included the new license of  Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish, Shizumu Watanabe and Okushō's survival social media thriller Real Account, and Hoshino Taguchi's Magatsuki, about a guy about to confess his love to a childhood friend when he gets cursed by a cute goddess.

  • Sunday June 21, 2015
  • "Fairy Tail" Author Posts Father's Day Sketch

    Is there any holiday Hiro Mashima misses

    Is there any holiday Fairy Tail author Hiro Mashima misses? In honor of Father's Day, he drew Gildarts prodding Cana about whether she knew what day it is. Get a look after the jump.

  • Saturday June 20, 2015
  • VIDEO: Action-Packed 2nd PV for TV Anime "Fairy Tail" Tartaros Arc

    New OP song is performed by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi and Konomi Suzuki

    The Tartaros arc of the Fairy Tail TV anime series finally started with its 234th episode aired in Japan on May 23. Following the first one posted in March, its Japanese official website today released the second promotional video featuring more battle scenes between Fairy Tail and Tartaros. Check the action-packed clip after the jump!

  • Sunday June 14, 2015
  • "Fairy Tail" Author Sketches Heat Up With the Season!

    Check out the recent results from the Tweeting mangaka

    Lately, Hiro Mashima has been tearing himself away from writing Fairy Tail, and from playing Witcher 3 long enough to offer his fans on social media with some hot and sweaty sketches of their favorite characters. Check out the recent results after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 19, 2015
  • VIDEO: Latest “Call to Cosplay" Features Work Inspired by Ezra Scarlet from “Fairy Tail"

    Speaking of the character, author Hiro Mashima featured her in his latest Tweeted sketch

    Call to Cosplay is a reality-competition TV series from Asian American cable network Myx TV in which contestants are tasked with creating costumes based on a given theme, under time and budget constraints. On this week's episode of the show, which premieres Tuesdays at 8/7c, contestant Shana is tasked with cosplaying under the theme “beautiful women" and decides to go for Ezra Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Get a look after the jump.