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    Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Miss Monochrome: The Animation"

    Starts today, 10/1, at 11am PDT

    Fall anime madness continues at Crunchyroll and the streaming service is proud to announce that Miss Monochrome: The Animation, based on the virtual singer character created by Yui Horie, is joining the lineup today. Read on for full details!

  • Monday September 30, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Golden Time" Anime

    Starts October 3 at 12:30 pm Pacific

    A new week means a new round of streaming anime announcements, and today’s title is the supernatural romance Golden Time, based on the light novel series and animated by J.C. Staff. Read on for full details!

  • Saturday September 28, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Walkure Romanze", "Galilei Donna", and "MEGANEBU!" Anime

    Also, season two of "Bottom Biting Bug"

    Crunchyroll just threw down the gauntlet at Anime Weekend Atlanta with a quartet of new streaming anime announcements for fall 2013: Walkure Romanze, Galilei Donna, and MEGANEBU! along with season two of Bottom Biting Bug! Read on for dates, times, and full details!


  • Friday September 27, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Samurai Flamenco" Anime

    Starts October 10 at 10:30 am Pacific Time

    Crunchyroll continues to pile on the streaming anime announcements for the fall 2013 season, and the new show in the spotlight today is the superhero-themed original series Samurai Flamenco! Read on for full details and region info!

  • Thursday September 26, 2013
  • Crunchyroll Adds "Yowamushi Pedal" to Streaming Anime Lineup

    AKA "Yowapeda", starts October 7 at 11:00 am Pacific Time

    Make way! Another fall anime announcement comes careening out of Crunchyroll today! The new bike racing show Yowamushi Pedal, AKA Yowapeda, will soon be available for viewing. Read on for full details and regions!

  • Wednesday September 25, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream “Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods” and “Ace of the Diamond” Anime

    Ace of Diamond begins Streaming 10/5, Gingitsune on 10/6

    Fall 2013 anime announcements are now in full swing and Crunchyroll has two big simulcasts to shout about today in the form of “Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods” and “Ace of the Diamond”. Read on for full details and region info!

  • Wednesday September 18, 2013
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Kill la Kill", "Magi: The Kingdom of Magic", and "Valvrave" Season Two

    To begin streaming in October

    Fall season announcements continue at Crunchyroll as an anime triple whammy arrives in the form of the hotly anticipated Kill la Kill, along with new seasons of Magi and Valvrave the Liberator. Read on for more info!

  • Monday August 12, 2013
  • VIDEO: "Diabolik Lovers" Broadcast Schedule And Opening Theme Announced

    Sadistic vampire brothers Ayato and Shu will sing the opening theme

    Blood-sucking fall anime Diabolik Lovers has announced its broadcast schedule and the opening theme for the series. The song is appropriately titled Mr. SADISTIC NIGHT and will be performed by Midorikawa Hikaru (the voice of Sakamaki Ayato) and Toriumi Kosuke (the voice of Sakamaki Shu). Watch the teaser video of the opening theme after the jump!

  • Monday June 10, 2013
  • VIDEO: First "Diabolik Lovers" Anime Trailer Released

    Anime will start in fall 2013!

    Currently a popular otome game featuring vampires, the Diabolik Lovers anime official site has announced the anime will start in Fall 2013 and has released the anime's first trailer. The trailer first premiered at fan event "Otomate Party 2013" on Sunday, June 9th in Japan. Get a look after the jump!