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    Monday August 31, 2015
  • "Final Fantasy Agito" Service Coming to an End, But Will Be Reborn

    More info on the retooled version set for Tokyo Game Show

    Square Enix announced plans to shut down service for free-to-play mobile game Final Fantasy Agito, but that doesn't mean it's dying for good. According to Square Enix's announcement, development is being shifted from the current game to a "reborn" version of Final Fantasy Agito, with more news on the retooled version to come at this year's Tokyo Game Show event. Read on for more.

  • Sunday August 30, 2015
  • "Final Fantasy XV" Release Date to Be Announced Next March

    Long-awaited entry is due out sometime next year

    Earlier this month Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata said we could find out about the long-awaited RPG's release date as soon as Seattle's PAX Prime convention. That turned out to be technically true. While we still don't know exactly when to expect it, Square Enix will announce Final Fantasy XV's release date in March 2016. Hit the jump for more.

  • Wednesday August 19, 2015
  • "Final Fantasy VII" Launches on iOS

    "Final Fantasy Portal" app launches alongside iOS release

    It's going to be a while before any of us get to play the full Final Fantasy VII remake, so I suppose we might as well play the original again on another device. Square Enix announced that the beloved RPG is hitting iOS today, and will be available once the Apple Store updates. Hit the jump for more.

  • Friday August 14, 2015
  • Indie Devs Turn "Final Fantasy VII" into 2D Side-Scrolling Action Game

    Team was inspired by beat 'em ups when re-imagining FFVII

    No matter how different Square Enix's official remake of Final Fantasy VII ends up being, I doubt it will end up looking remotely like PD Design Studio's take on the fan-favorite RPG. The Dusty's Revenge developers are currently cooking up Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined, which takes the turn-based original and spins it into a side-scrolling 2D action game. Hit the jump for more.

  • Wednesday August 12, 2015
  • "Final Fantasy XV" to Get a Simultaneous Worldwide Launch

    Next main entry in the series is expected sometime next year

    We recently posted about Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata saying that the long-awaited entry would be arriving before 2017, but there's more. For the first time in the main series, Final Fantasy XV is being lined up for a simultaneous worldwide launch. Hit the jump for more.

  • Tuesday August 11, 2015
  • Fans Wish Happy Birthday to Cloud Strife from "Final Fantasy VII"

    August 11 is the official birthday of fictional character from popular JRPG series

    August 11 is the official birthday of the fictional character Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII, and fans have taken to Twitter to offer their birthday wishes. Hit the jump to check them out.