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    Tuesday May 10, 2016
  • YouTubers Adapt "Flowers Of Evil" Author's New Vampire Manga

    Volume 3 of "Happiness," and volume 8 of his 2012 hikikomori idol swap series "Inside Mari" are out in Japan his week

    In early 2015 Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine Shūzō Oshimi launched the "long-awaited" follow-up to Flowers of Evil. Volume 3 of Happiness, and volume 8 of his 2012 hikikomori idol swap series Inside Mari are out in Japan his week, so, to celebrate, Japanese YouTuber team Avntis and vlogger MikiPon have posted the first episode of their web mini-drama adaptation. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sunday April 10, 2016
  • "Flowers of Evil" Stage Play Reveals Main Cast and Key Visual

    Play based on manga by Shūzō Oshimi runs for 10 performances in July at the Yume Machi Theater in Tokyo

    Flowers of Evil, a stage play based on the manga of the same name by Shūzō Oshimi, has revealed its main cast as well as the key visual for the adaptation, which will run for 10 performances from July 27 - 31, 2016, at the Yume Machi Theater in Tokyo. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Wednesday March 9, 2016
  • Stage Play Adapation of "Flowers of Evil" Blooms in Tokyo in July

    Play based on manga by Shūzō Oshimi will run for 10 performances at the Yume Machi Theatre

    Flowers of Evil, a manga by Shūzō Oshimi about a group of young people caught up in a web of dysfunctional relationships, is being adapted into a stage play that will be performed by the Gekidan Takumi theater company at the Yume Machi Theater in Taitō, Tokyo, Japan in July of 2016. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Wednesday January 7, 2015
  • "Flowers of Evil" Author Prepares New Manga

    Oshimi's new "Happiness" launches in next issue of "Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine"

    An early look at the the February issue of Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine, out on the 9th, reveals that Shūzō Oshimi is set to launch his "long-awaited" follow-up to The Flowers of Evil in the manga magazine's March issue, on sale February 9th. More after the jump.

  • Saturday April 5, 2014
  • "Fairy Tail" Author Draws Stars of "Bessatsu Shonen Magazine"

    Characters from "Attack on Titan," "Flowers of Evil," "Sankarea" and more featured

    Between Fairy Tail, the upcoming spin-off, and the excitement around the new anime, Hiro Mashima must be pretty busy these days, but he still found time to do a special color illustration of the stars of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, with characters from the likes of Attack on Titan, Flowers of Evil, Sankarea and more. Get a look after the jump.

  • Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • Bishoujo Illustrator Shunya Yamashita Sketches Nakamura From "Flowers of Evil"

    You might know the work of bishoujo illustrator from Kotobukiya's redesigns

    You might know the work of bishoujo illustrator Shunya Yamashita from Kotobukiya's redesigns of the women of Marvel, DC Comics and so on. The artist isn't the most prolific Twitterer, but when he posts sketches, like this spring Girls und Panzer pic, they're always worth noting. This week he treated fans to his take on Flowers of Evil's Sawa Nakamura. Get a look at the results after the jump.

  • Wednesday August 21, 2013
  • Yakuza Actor Riki Takeuchi Promotes "Flowers of Evil" Blu-ray

    After a delay, the Japanese Blu-ray/DVD release hits on August 21st

    After a delay, the Japanese Blu-ray/DVD release of Flowers of Evil hits on August 21st. The series will be released with making of features, looking at the rotoscoping process, as well as character guides, and commentary from the cast, staff and manga author Shūzō Oshimi. King Records promo comes with an unexpected celebrity endorsement from yakuza movie actor Riki Takeuchi. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sunday July 21, 2013
  • FEATURE: "Flowers of Evil" Anime Wrap-Up

    A very special rotoscoped delivery...

    Now that the Flowers of Evil anime has wrapped up its fabulously divisive run on Crunchyroll, OTAKU USA magazine takes a look back at what director Hiroshi Nagahama and the staff at ZEXCS hath wrought. Read on, and weigh in with your own opinions after the jump!

  • Sunday June 23, 2013
  • "Flowers of Evil" Gym Uniform T-Shirt Offered

    iPhone cases, cell straps and more also offered

    Retailer Brain Police seem to specialize anime merchandise that require a double take, like the  Magi tattoo stockings and herb pots. Now, they're doing it with a set of Flowers of Evil goods headlined by a "Saeki 2-1" gym uniform t-shirt. See the full line-up after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 14, 2013
  • Anime First Impressions: Flowers of Evil

    The divisive power of rotoscoping

    Our comrades in arms at OTAKU USA magazine weigh in on the first round of episodes of one of this season’s most polarizing and unique anime, Flowers of Evil. Read on and voice your own opinions!

  • Thursday May 9, 2013
  • "Soul Eater" and "Flowers of Evil" Manga Appear to Move Towards Endings

    More definitive plans in place for ending of "Aoi Hana" manga

    There isn't a definitive time frame for either, but both Shūzō Oshimi's Flowers of Evil and Atsushi Okubo's Soul Eater manga are making overtures towards approaching their conclusions. While Flowers is explicitly not at its final chapter, talk at Bessatsu Shounen Magazine is apparently that it's getting there. Meanwhile, Soul Eater has begun promoting its progress towards a "Final Battle." More after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 7, 2013
  • VIDEO: A Look at "Flowers of Evil" Before Rotoscoping - UPDATED

    See some the live performance used for episode 3

    Even Flowers of Evil's detractors are likely to admit that it's a fascinating anime, both in the themes of the "corrupt pure-love story" and in its approach to animating the material. To offer a view the process, Nicovideo streamed the live-action footage recorded for episode 3. Check out a bit after the jump.