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    Sunday September 13, 2015
  • VIDEO: These Unreal 4 Engine Remakes of Two Iconic "Legend of Zelda" Locations Show How Far We've Come in 17 Years

    These reimagined locales are the impressive work of a fan

    Video games have come a long way in 17 years, and these fanmade remakes of environments from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time really show what's changed over the years. Animator Michael Eurek's handiwork showcases a wholly remagined Zora's Domain and Temple of Time, which'll blow your mind. Hit the jump to see!

  • Saturday September 12, 2015
  • "Dark Souls III" Will Launch Next March In Japan

    A network test will be held this October as well

    Dark Souls III, the next installment in the popular and insanely hard gaming series, will be launching on March 24 in Japan for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It'll be available as both a retail and digital download. Hit the jump for more info!

  • Saturday August 30, 2014
  • Upcoming "New 3DS" Will Filter Internet Content Unless You Pay

    This new, more stringent version of parental controls requires parents to pony up to bypass them

    Nintendo's upcoming New 3DS handheld comes with a built-in feature that will block offensive content in order to "prevent children from looking at harmful websites," but in order to surpass it parents and gamers without children must pay a small fee via credit card. Hit the jump for more. 

  • Wednesday January 8, 2014
  • China Lifts Video Game Console Ban

    Since 2000, China has banned gaming consoles with the aim of protecting the well-being of its younger citizens

    Since 2000, China has banned gaming consoles with the aim of protecting the well-being of its younger citizens. In a moved that seems to have been developing as far back as fall 2012, the Chinese government announced this week that it is  temporarily lifting a ban on the sale of foreign video game consoles in the country. More after the jump.

  • Saturday August 10, 2013
  • VIDEO: "Game Launch Rock!" Offers a Lesson in Console Buying

    The thanks to brentalfloss, the video game console wars explode into song in this "School House Rock" parody

    The thanks to brentalfloss, the video game console wars explode into song in this "School House Rock" parody. Get a lesson at launch console buying after the jumo.

  • Friday July 26, 2013
  • Mike Tyson Couldn't Defeat Glass Joe in "Punch-Out!!"

    Iron Mike talks about losing to a 1-99 schlub and his favorite video games

    Many gamers remember Mike Tyson as the guy who could kill you with one hit at the end of Punch-Out!!, but did you know that he had trouble with 1-99 nobody Glass Joe? Hit the jump to see Iron Mike's thoughts on Punch-Out!!, as well as his favorite games!

  • Wednesday November 7, 2012
  • China Likely To Lift Gaming Console Ban

    Nation has banned consoles since 2000 in effort to protect youth

    Since 2000, China has banned gaming consoles with the aim of protecting the well-being of its younger citizens. However, there are signs that freeze might be thawing. While there's no definitive go-ahead from Sony or the Chinese government, specifically the necessary Ministry of Culture, the PlayStation 3 has received a certification of quality from a Chinese safety standards board. More after the jump.

  • Sunday September 9, 2012
  • Market Research Shows Drop in US Gamers

    Non-mobile gaming takes a 5 percent hit in 2012

    According to market research company NPD Group's Gamer Segmentation 2012: The New Faces of Gamers, 211.5 million Americans were playing video games in 2012. As impressive as two thirds of the country gaming may be, maybe Sword Art Online has scared them off, because that represents close to 12 million fewer (5 percent less) than in 2011. More after the jump.

  • Monday July 23, 2012
  • Ubisoft CEO: "We Should Have New Consoles by Now"

    Yves Guillemot wants new consoles to push boundaries and offer new experiences

    With the Wii U coming out, do you think it's time for Microsoft and Sony to have new hardware out as well? Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot certainly thinks so, and he feels it would help games grow in terms of innovation and creativity. More after the jump!

  • Wednesday June 20, 2012
  • Video Game Developers Speak Out on Violence in Current Titles

    Opinions on game violence from Shigeru Miyamoto, CliffyB, Warren Spector and more

    Usually, the cry against violent video games is roused by a group of concerned parents, or a politician looking for an easy score. What happens, though, when developers speak out against violence in video games? Hit the jump to hear from Shigeru Miyamoto, Warren Spector and more!

  • Wednesday March 28, 2012
  • Congressmen Propose "Violent Behavior" Warnings on Video Games

    The "Violence in Video Games Labeling Act" would apply to all video games if it passes

    Video games will always be a hot-button issue for politicians, almost always focusing on the effects of violent games on children. Get a better look at what two United States Congressmen have in mind with their "Violence in Video Games Labeling Act" after the jump.

  • Tuesday December 6, 2011
  • Do War-Based Video Games Fall Under the Geneva Convention?

    The International Red Cross seems to think so

    Violence in video games is always a hot-button issue for concerned parents, crazed former lawyers, and PETA, but now the International Red Cross has joined in on the discussion, and is focusing on a very specific part of it: should war games like Call of Duty and the violence in them fall under the Geneva Convention?  Read more after the jump.

  • Wednesday November 9, 2011
  • New "Call of Duty" for 2012, World Stunned at Unheard-of News

    Activision announces new title for 2012, but has not revealed details on setting or characters

    In a bold move, Activision has announced that there will be yet another game in their bestselling Call of Duty first-person shooter franchise coming next year. Where will we go? Who will we shoot? More on this late-breaking and unexpected news after the jump!

  • Wednesday July 27, 2011
  • Eden Eternal’s Update Packs a Punch

    Aeria Games’ big update for its free-to-play MMO includes a new race known as the Zumi - a sort of humanoid mouse race.  The Zumi will play a bit differently than their human counterparts, although the stat differences were not released.  While there are no new added classes being planned, specific class bonuses will also be introduced for the Zumi, and all current classes will be available with the same progression.  This hopes to be the start of creating multiple races for the game, as eventually races seen in an NPC status will eventually become playable.