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    Friday December 2, 2016
  • "Getter Robo High" Will School You with Mahjong and Getter Rays

    Upcoming manga series combines mahjong and Go Nagai's famous combining robot.

    What does Getter Robo have to do with mahjong? Nothing, until now. Getter Robo High is an upcoming manga that combines the epic mecha with the tile-slamming game. How? We aren't entirely sure yet... but we've been given a few clues. Hit the jump for your first look!

  • Sunday September 13, 2015
  • "Ultraman" Manga Authors Prepare New "Getter Robo" Series

    Ongoing start in January issue of "Bessatsu Shonen Champion"

    Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi, author of the Ultraman manga released in North America by Viz, are preparing a new manga based on the seminal combining mecha series, Getter Robot.  After a 12 page/4 color prologue in Bessatsu Shonen Champion, Devolution- The Last 3 Minutes For Universe returns for an ongoing series in the January issue, on sale December 12th. More after the jump.

  • Saturday April 18, 2015
  • "Getter Robo" 40th Anniversary Art Exhibition to be Held in Tokyo

    The advance tickets go on sale today

    Getter Robo is one of the most famous super robot manga/anime franchises, created by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa in 1974. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, an original art exhibition will be held at art gallery GoFa in Aoyama, Tokyo, from May 23. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Sunday January 4, 2015
  • T-Shirts Celebrate 40th Anniversary of "Getter Robo"

    Also, Go Nagai launches news "Devilman" manga

    The original Getter Robo anime and manga both ran from April 1974 to May 1974 with the distinction of pioneering the concept of the machines combining into a super robot hero. Akita Shoten is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the still popular series with a pair of battle collage and cover art t-shirts from creator Ken Ishikawa and contributor Go Nagai, appropriately offered offered in three color options. More after the jump.

  • Sunday December 1, 2013
  • Combining "Getter Robo G" Figure Scheduled for Spring

    Re-release of the original Getter Robo also planned

    1974's Getter Robo introduced the idea of combining vehicles to mecha anime. If you are old enough, and lived in the right parts of North America, you might have caught its follow-up, Getter Robo G as Starvengers in the Force Five syndication block. FREEing scheduled a combining Getter Robo G figure for spring 2014, along with a re-release of their original Getter Robo. Get a look after the jump.

  • Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • "Robot Girls Z" Introduces Its Moe Getter Robo and Steel Jeeg

    Classic super robots appear in shorts running this winter

    Continuing to look ahead to winter series, the designs for two more moe versions of classic super robots, set to appear in Toei's Robot Girls Z shorts, have been revealed. Hit the jump to see them.

  • Friday November 30, 2012
  • Discotek Outlines Anime Release Plans for First Half of 2013

    Plans for "Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo," "Hurricane Polymar," "Lupin III," "Samurai Pizza Cats" and more

    Increasingly loved distributor of classic and niche anime Discotek has taken to Facebook to outline their plans for the first half of 2013. Robust mecha anime director Jun Kawagoe's 2000 OVA Shin Getter Robo VS Neo Getter Robo and 1996 update of '70s Tatsunoko anime Hurricane Polymar have firm release date while Samurai Pizza CatsLupin the 3rd Green VS Red, Love Com and Captain Harlock are penciled in. Get the details after the jump.