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    Sunday October 8, 2017
  • "Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match" Previews Gameplay, Theme Song

    PS4 game set to launch in Japan and Asia this winter

    In addition to the previously-reported anime news, the Girls und Panzer fifth anniversary event had some updates on the series' PlayStation 4 game. Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match is due out in both Japan and Asia (with English subs) this winter, and Bandai Namco revealed the theme song as ChouCho's "One and Only." Hit the jump for footage!

  • Saturday October 7, 2017
  • "Girls und Panzer" Videos Hype Up First of Six Finale Anime Films

    New characters revealed ahead of December premiere

    Thanks to a fifth anniversary Girls und Panzer livestream event, we have more information and footage for the upcoming anime projects. First up, and perhaps most intriguing, is the news that a live-action promotional video is in the works. Read on for more on that and the Finale films! 

  • Sunday September 24, 2017
  • Fans Celebrate Duce Anchovy Birthday In "Girls Und Panzer" Hometown

    Darjeeling's birthday was also last week

    September 17 (1944 Battle of Arnhem) is the birthday of St. Gloriana Girls High School Captain Darjeeling. Then, September 23rd (1943 founding of Italian Social Republic) is the birthday of Anzio Girls High School commander Chiyomi Anzai aka Anchovy aka Il Duce. These send the die-hard Girls und Panzer fans back to Ōarai to celebrated. And, they even put together a decorated truck for the occasion!

  • "Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match" Fires Off Some Gameplay

    Tank action game hits PS4 in Japan and Asia this winter

    Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match brings an original story along for the ride, as well as five-on-five online battles, when it hits PS4 in Japan and Asia this winter. More information is set to arrive along with a Girls und Panzer fifth anniversary broadcast on October 7, but for now we have some fresh footage thanks to Bandai Namco's recent live stream.

  • Saturday September 16, 2017
  • Miho Nishizumi Dons Her Panzer Jacket for New Nendoroid

    "GIRLS und PANZER das Finale" brings about a new edition of the Ankou Team's captain.

    A new Miho Nishizumi Nendoroid from GIRLS und PANZER das Finale is rolling in to complete your collection. She comes with her teddy bear and interchangeable costume pieces for your ideal display. Preorder yours after the jump!

  • Saturday September 9, 2017
  • "Dagashi Kashi" Author Sketches Celebrate "Final Fantasy VII"

    Plus, some Girls Und Panzer...

    This week was the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII's American release. In Japan, folks were also thinking about FFVIIDagashi Kashi, author Kotoyama offered their take on the classic JRPG with some sketches of... guess... Barret Wallace. No, Tifa, of course! Get a look after the jump.

  • Friday August 18, 2017
  • Kotobukiya Previews "Girls und Panzer der Film" Darjeeling Swimsuit Figure

    165mm-tall pre-painted item will be shipped in January 2018

    Following the previously introduced Anchovy and Alice Shimada, Japanese retailers has also started accepting pre-orders for Kotobukiya's third 1/7 scale pre-painted swimsuit version figure from Girls und Panzer der Film, Darjeeling, the commanding officer of St. Gloriana Girls Academy's tank teams. Check out her details with photos after the jump!

  • Tuesday August 15, 2017
  • "GIRLS und PANZER der FILM" Passes the 2.5 Billion Yen Mark

    Theater re-screenings help the film hit the benchmark just before the next theatrical release.

    Congratulations to GIRLS und PANZER der FILM for crossing the 2.5 billion yen mark! The landmark comes 90 weeks after its premiere, and just a few months shy of the next film. Hit the jump for more info from the official site.

  • Saturday August 5, 2017
  • "Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match!" Rolls to Asia with English Version

    Winter 2017 release planned for southeast Asia

    Last month Bandai Namco revealed the Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match PS4 game, but they haven't announced a western release yet. There will be at least one version that supports English, however, because Bandai Namco is bringing the tank battle action game to Asia this winter. Read on for more.