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    Wednesday August 19, 2015
  • "Golgo 13" Joins Kitan Club's PUTTITO Series of Cup-Clinging Toys

    New line of gashapon toys features the most prolific anti-hero assassin in anime & manga

    Kitan Club's newest line of PUTTITO Series cup-clinging gashapon toys features none other than Golgo 13, the professional assassin from Takao Saito's manga and anime of the same name. Hit the jump to check them out.

  • Friday July 10, 2015
  • Golgo 13 and Yotsuba Team Up to Promote Oita Prefectural Art Museum Manga Exhibit

    Exhibit looking at manga storytelling opens August 1st

    Along with the "Attack on Titan Exhibition - WALL OITA" exhibit, starting August 1st,the Oita Prefectural Art Museum in Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan will be hosting "Drawing Manga! - Lines, Panels, Kyara (Character)", a look at the techniques behind manga storytelling and their development. The visual for the exhibit features a team-up the titular leads of seinen manga powerhouses Golgo 13 and Yotsuba&!. 

  • Saturday April 18, 2015
  • Former Sony CEO Discussed Hollywood "Golgo 13" in Leaked E-mails

    "Raid" director in discussion for project

    For 47 years, business men have been enjoying the adventures of cold hearted assassin Golgo 13. Why shouldn't Americans appreciate the exploits of manga's foremost professional killer? Well, Sony's hacking scandal resulted in their e-mail exchanges being leaked, and part of the trove included former CEO  Amy Pascal included discussions of a G13 franchise, from Gareth Evans and Rick Cook (the Wizardry series). More after the jump.

  • Monday March 30, 2015
  • Nico Nico Super Conference 2015 Presents Live-Action Anime Challenges

    Conference's "Anime Area" includes games based on "Shirobako", "Idolm@ster", "Golgo 13" and others

    The Nico Nico Super Conference 2015 is offering a special Anime Area designed to reproduce aspects of 6 different anime series, including Yowamushi Pedal and Shirobako, with a series of live-action games and challenges. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Monday April 7, 2014
  • Golgo 13 in Underwear Featured on Souvenir Charms

    Series of gotochi charms sold at tourist attractions

    Famously stoic manga assassin Golgo 13 is making a spectacle of himself, posing in underwear with Japan's gotochi ("local") landmarks, attractions, historical notables, folklore and products in a series of  souvenir charms. Runa's series of 25 are being sold at tourist attractions at spots around places such as Mount Fuji, Hida, Yokohama, Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Oita and Miyagi. Get a look after the jump.

  • Monday November 11, 2013
  • 51 Manga Artists Pay Tribute to 45th Anniversary of "Golgo 13"

    140th volume collected October 25th

    It's a season of milestones for manga's most unstoppable assassin. Last month, the landmark 140th volume Golgo 13 was collected. Now, it's time for home magazine Big Comic to pay tribute to 45 years of Duke Togo's remarkably stoic brand of sex and violence with a collection of illustrations from 51 manga and cover artists. See who's involved after the jump.

  • Monday September 2, 2013
  • "Assassination Classroom" Co-promotes With 170th Volume of "Golgo 13"

    Plus gravure idol Sugihara Anri cosplays as character

    For 44 years, business men have been enjoying the adventures of cold hearted assassin Golgo 13, and its 170th volume hits Japanese bookstores this week. Last year Assassination Classroom, about a middle school class who have one year to learn how to assassinate their alien teach or he'll annihilate Earth, became one of Shonen Jump's most popular manga. Now, the two are teaming up for a bit of co-promotion. More after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 28, 2013
  • Herbal Liqueur Offers "Golgo 13" Attache Case

    Carry the 28 proof stomach ailment cure like a true assassin

    Yomeishu Herbal Liqueur is gearing up for a summer Golgo 13 campaign with digital wallpapers and screensavers. This culminates in an attache case for the 28 proof stomach ailment cure, inspired by the one used by the long running manga's titular assassin to carry his trademark M16 rifle. The makers boast that if you remove the packaging cushion, it can be reused as a briefcase. Get a look after the jump.