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    Saturday July 25, 2015
  • These Stylish "Hakuoki" Pumps Are Understated, Yet Fabulous

    SuperGroupies does it again!

    SuperGroupies, to date, is responsible for some of the most adorable creations related to your favorite anime series. Hit the jump for more! 

  • Tuesday April 21, 2015
  • "Hakuoki" Visual Novel Offered on iOS and Android

    New “Tea Ceremony" chapter also offered

    Japan-based digital content company Gloczus has announced that legendary romance-and-samurai-and-political-intrigue visual novel Hakuoki is now available for the the first time on iOS and Android today, April 20, 2015, in the United States and Canada along with all-new chapter “Tea Ceremony.” More after the jump.

  • Thursday May 1, 2014
  • "Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi" Limited Edition Pushed to May 20

    Standard edition and download version still due out on May 6

    Aksys Games shot out a press release to notify everyone that the limited edition version of Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi has been slightly delayed. Originally scheduled for a May 6 release, the limited edition will now arrive on May 20. More after the jump.

  • Saturday April 5, 2014
  • VIDEO: "Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi" Clip Previews North American Release

    Aksys Games release heads to PS3 in North America on May 6

    After being dated for North America last month, Aksys Games is back with a trailer for Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi. It will be available in both a standard and limited edition, and you can preview the upcoming otome game release after the jump. 

  • Friday March 21, 2014
  • "Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi" Hits PlayStation 3 on May 6

    Both standard and limited edition versions on the way

    Publisher Aksys Games confirmed the the official North American release date for Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi, which was announced back in October. The PlayStation 3 entry in the otome game series is available for pre-order and set to arrive on May 6. Read on for more.

  • Sunday November 3, 2013
  • FEATURE: Animate Girls Festival 2013 Photo Round Up!

    Photos posted from the otome festival by official Twitter accounts

    The weekend of Animate Girls Festival started early in the morning with photos of girls lining up for the event. Some people even called it Animate Girls Fight, but lots of good news came out of this year including the debut of new prototype figures and announcements for upcoming merchandise. Let's look at the event through photos posted by various Otome brands official Twitter accounts after the jump!

  • Wednesday October 23, 2013
  • Aksys Announces "Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi" for PS3

    Console entry in otome game series comes to the United States "soon"

    After releasing two portable versions of Hakuoki, publisher Aksys has announced plans to bring another entry in the series to the United States, this time for PlayStation 3. Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi doesn't have a concrete release date, but it's "coming soon." More after the jump.

  • Wednesday January 16, 2013
  • Aksys Sets "Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi" Game for February

    Amazon pre-order bonus announced for first PSP action-adventure entry

    The first action-adventure entry in the Hakuoki series, Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, is headed to North America courtesy of Aksys Games. Now the publisher has set a date for the release, so mark your calendars for February 19 if you plan on grabbing a copy. Peep that and the Amazon pre-order bonus past the break.

  • Wednesday November 21, 2012
  • Crunchyroll Adds "Hakuoki - Demon Of The Fleeting Blossom" To Catalog

    Launches tonight at 5pm Pacific Time

    Crunchyroll continues to add its back catalog following last month's huge additions of Toradora and Kimi no Tofoke by adding the first season of Hakuoki - Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. Hit the jump for all of the details! 

  • Wednesday October 31, 2012
  • "Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi" Headed To North America

    Bishonen samurai brawl onto the PSP

    Last year, the Hakuōki otome game visual novels were spun off into a Dynasty Warriors style crowd brawler for the PSP, titled Hakuouki: Bakumatsu Musou Roku. Fans who might know the series from its anime adaptation will be pleased to hear Aksys Games have announced that they’re bringing this game to North America as Hakuouki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi. More after the jump.

  • Wednesday August 22, 2012
  • "Persona 4: The Animation" English Dub Cast Announced

    The Anime Network announces finalized cast ahead of September onDemand offering

    With the English dub of Persona 4: The Animation joining their September onDemand offerings, The Anime Network has announced the dub for the adaptation of the popular JRPG. See how April's confusion about returning cast members has been resolved after the jump.

  • Monday July 9, 2012
  • Crunchyroll to Stream "Hakuoki Reimeiroku" Anime

    Begins tomorrow Tues/10, 10:30 am PDT

    Crunchyroll continues to advance into the summer season of anime with a new title announcement to start off the week. Beginning tomorrow, July 10, Crunchyroll will begin streaming Hakuoki Reimeiroku, the third installment in the Hakuoki series. Read on for full details!

  • Tuesday June 19, 2012
  • "Persona 4" Headlines Section23's September Release Slate

    Joins North American home video debuts of "Hakuoki", "Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth", and "Intrigue in the Bakumatsu"

    Section23 has a nicely diverse selection of anime scheduled to offset the end of summer vacation. September releases from the distributor include the North American home video debuts of Hakuoki, Croisée in a Foreign Labyrinth, Intrigue in the Bakumatsu, and, to top things off, the Persona 4 anime. Get the details after the jump.