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    Saturday August 13, 2016
  • Poll Ranks "Top 10 J-Pop Bands That Should Become Jojo's Stands"

    Music and manga meet in a recent online poll on Goo Ranking

    A recent poll on Goo Ranking posed the question: "What J-pop bands would they like to see Stands named after in Hiroaki Araki's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?" The results may surprise you. Hit the jump to check them out.

  • Sunday February 3, 2013
  • AKB48 "Apology" Video Removed from YouTube

    Minami Minegishi attends first public event since shaving her head

    Never mind the bad publicity and growing international outrage. AKB48 has removed the now notorious apology video which has racked up over 7 million views since being uploaded on Thursday to appease the fans. Meanwhile, the fallen idol herself has made her first public appearance since shaving her head. Read on for more details!

  • Saturday February 2, 2013
  • AKB Group Manager Answers Tough Questions About Apology Video

    "Was it necessary to shave her hair?"

    The image of AKB48 member Minami Minegishi with a shaved head tearfully apologizing on YouTube was one of the most shocking sights to emerge from Japan in recent memory. Now, AKB’s Group Theater General Manager has taken to the web to address questions about Minegishi, her condition, and AKB’s notorious punishment policy. Read on for full transcript.