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    Tuesday March 13, 2018
  • Fans Live Their Tokusatsu Dreams at "Kamen Rider World"

    Showa and Heisei Era characters meet for limited-time event

    Shake hands with Riders and meet monsters at the upcoming Kamen Rider World event! Kids can play in Kamen Rider Playland, see Heisei era Riders team up for a stunt show, and explore a reproduction of the Build base. Find out more after the jump!

  • Monday February 26, 2018
  • "KONOSUBA" Star to Cameo in "Kamen Rider Build"

    Sora Amamiya prepares to appear in episode 25

    Next week's episode of Kamen Rider Build will feature a mysterious voice -- and while we don't know who she is in the story, we'd recognize Aqua anywhere! Find out more about Sora Amamiya's upcoming cameo after the jump.

  • Monday February 5, 2018
  • "Kamen Rider W" Sequel Manga Is in the Books

    "Futo Detective" Volumes 1/2 to be released next month

    Return to the world of Kamen Rider W with Futo Detective! The Weekly Big Comic Spirits title will receive its first two print volumes next month. Find out more and check out a rough preview of the cover after the jump!

  • Wednesday November 22, 2017
  • Kamen Rider Black Joins "Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters" Roster

    Bandai Namco shows off more footage to introduce the fighters

    The latest playable Rider to be thrown into the frenzy of Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters is none other than '87 hero Kamen Rider Black. He was confirmed during Bandai Namco's second Kamen Rider broadcast, which also unveiled an introduction trailer for all playable characters. 

  • Tuesday November 21, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider" Film Seeks Part-Time Kamen Writers

    One day gig wants two workers to prepare an interview & event report for the December 9th premiere

    The latest Kamen Rider team-up film, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider, is heading to theaters in Japan on December 09, 2017, and a new part-time job offering is looking for two "Kamen Writers" to attend a premiere event in Tokyo, to interview the guests, and to craft an event report covering the premiere's stage greetings and general atmosphere. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Thursday November 2, 2017
  • Riders Clash in "Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters" Game Promo

    More Riders confirmed as playable

    Bandai Namco's latest trailer for Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters is a doozy, offering up over five minutes of footage for the Rider-versus-Rider brawler. Dig in after the jump for a closer look at the mechanics—including the Evolution Gauge and individual skills—as well as online mode highlights and the confirmation of more playable Riders. 

  • Friday October 27, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider 1" Transforms into Cute Steiff Teddy Bear Doll

    1,500-limited production item will be shipped in February 2018

    Premium Bandai today started accepting pre-orders for teddy bears inspired by Kamen Rider 1, the first main hero in Toei's long-running Kamen Rider tokusatsu franchise. As with the previously-introduced Danboard (Yotsuba&!) and Tony Tony Chopper (One Piece), the handmade item is produced by German-based plush toy company Steiff. Check out the details of the adorable doll after the jump!

  • Monday September 11, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters" Heads to Asia With English Subs

    Now we can enjoy an English-subtitled promo

    If you were hoping to get your hands on Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters in English, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia has you covered. The Rider-on-Rider fighting action is coming to Southeast Asian regions with English subtitles on the same day it launches in Japan, December 7, so BNE Asia shared a series of trailers with regional subs. Read on for more.

  • Sunday September 10, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters" Trailer Previews Playable Roster

    A long line of Riders compete in one-on-one and two-on-two action

    Following up on the initial announcement and tease, Bandai Namco is here with some more info and a full trailer for Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters. The Rider vs. Rider action reels in a bunch of competing Riders for one-on-one and two-on-two action for up to four players—both on a single PS4 and online—with third-person melee battles taking place across stages full of elevation and obstacles. Read on for a promo and more.

  • Sunday September 3, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters" Game Revealed for PlayStation 4

    Melee action comes to Japan on December 7

    The Kamen Rider franchise is getting a new melee action game in the form of Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters. While there isn't too much information on the title at the moment, it's currently set for a December 7 launch on PS4 in Japan, and you can see the first teaser video after the jump.

  • Monday August 7, 2017
  • "Kamen Rider" Hires National Ninja Champion for New Season

    Kaho Takada to join the cast of "Kamen Rider Build."

    Meet Kaho Takada, the young ninja soon to appear in the next season of Kamen Rider! This national champion will be lending her talents to Kamen Rider Build, the 19th Heisei series. Hit the jump to get to know her!

  • Wednesday July 26, 2017
  • Mad Science Abounds in "Kamen Rider Build"

    Latest entry in Toei's long-running tokusatsu TV series kicks off on September 03, 2017

    Question: What do you get when you cross a rabbit with a tank? Answer: Kamen Rider Build, the latest entry in Toei and TV Asahi's long-running Kamen Rider tokusatsu TV series. Hit the jump to learn more.