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    Tuesday May 30, 2017
  • Pilot a Mech (and Blow S*** up) in "Defenders of Ekron"

    Chilean indie studio makes its PS4 debut.

    Still waiting for a chance to pilot your own robot? Give Defenders of Ekron a try when it comes out this summer. The new shoot-em-up game lets you swordfight or use ranged attacks in your own robot, all while exploring the secrets of a new planet. Hit the jump for more info.

  • Tuesday July 30, 2013
  • Artist Builds 13 Foot Tall Mech Sculpture

    Sculpture took a little over a month to create

    How do you show your love for mecha? If you’re Chinese design student ProgV, as he is known on Deviantart, you take your dad’s old truck and make something bad ass. Check out the pictures after the jump.