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    Friday November 9, 2012
  • Japan Flavor Report: Milk Cream Chopper Bun

    "One Piece" no-niku-man appears at 7-Eleven

    In this installment of Japan Flavor Report, we venture once again into the convenience store steamer case to sample the Chopper-man currently promoting One Piece Film Z at 7-Eleven. Milky? Creamy? Find out after the break!

  • Monday September 5, 2011
  • Dragon Quest "Slime" Meat Buns Coming Soon to Family Mart

    A new snack in collaboration with Square Enix

    Amidst all the big Dragon Quest X news, there is a Dragon Quest 25th Anniversary story that may have gotten lost in the shuffle...until now. Bump the jump to feast your eyes on Slime-shaped meat buns!