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    Thursday June 25, 2015
  • VIDEO: skillkills Performs Final "Ninja Slayer" Ending

    OST to be released July 22nd

    Ninja Slayer has announced that the 12th and final end theme will be "Neo Cyber Madness" from skillkills. Along with this is a commercial for the OST and the debut of Yoshiki "Genius" Takahashi's cover art. This collection of 12 end themes and six tracks of Shinichi Osawa background music will be released on July 22.

  • Wednesday June 17, 2015
  • Shosen Grande Becomes Neo-Saitama with "Ninja Slayer" Limited Store

    Tokyo bookstore offers shinobi-related prizes, activities, goods for a limited time

    Yeeart! The Shosen Grande bookstore in Tokyo is transforming into the ninja-infested, cyberpunk dystopia of Neo-Saitama for a limited time as part of a special store celebrating Ninja Slayer. Hit the jump to go out and ninja in the night.

  • Friday May 29, 2015
  • Taffy to Perform "Ninja Slayer" Episode 8 End Theme

    Elsewhere, Trigger animator Kengo Saito has posted more art, mostly of the series' ladies

    This week's Ninja Slayer episode 7 featured end theme "Ninja Prayer" by electronica artist/series OST contributor Shinichi Osawa. Then, the series returns to its tour of Japanese musical act not typically seen in anime for episode 8 with "Suicidal Bunny," the lead single from Brit-pop inspired band Taffy's recently released EP "Darkle."

  • Friday May 22, 2015
  • "NInja Slayer" Japanese Bluray Release Details

    First volume of Trigger's latest TV anime comes with audio commentary, other bonus features

    The Japanese home video release of Ninja Slayer From Animation comes packed with enough goodies to satisfy even the pickiest shinobi. Hit the jump to learn more, YEEART!

  • Tuesday May 19, 2015
  • VIDEO: FUNimation Previews "Ninja Slayer" English Dub

    FUNimation will be presenting the first Broadcast Dub episode of Ninja Slayer this Thursday, 5/21 @ 9:00 am CST

    FUNimation will be presenting the first Broadcast Dub episode of Ninja Slayer this Thursday, 5/21 @ 9:00 am CST, and ahead of this premiere of the final title of their spring Dub program's first phase, they've posted a preview. Get a look after the jump.

  • Saturday May 16, 2015
  • "Ninja Slayer" English Dub Cast Announced

    FUNimation also said "wait and see" when asked about whether the cast will return for Nagato Yuki-chan broadcast dub

    The final title in the phase one of the FUNimation's "Broadcast Dub" line is Ninja Slayer, set to run Thursdays at 10:00 am ET, beginning May 21. At this weekend's Anime Central convention, they previewed the cast. See who's who after the jump. 

  • Thursday May 14, 2015
  • Electric Eel Shock Perform "Ninja Slayers" Episode 6 Ending

    18 track disc planned for June 22nd

    Ninja Slayer's line-up of remarkable end theme performers continues with episode six presentation of a new song by three-piece garage rock band Electric Eel, cleverly titled "Ninja Slayer!" Along with this announcement is the news that the series OST, with the 12 end themes (six of which will be revealed later) and six tracks of Shinichi Osawa background music, will be released on July 22nd. More after the jump.

  • Wednesday May 6, 2015
  • VIDEO: "Ninja Slayer" Origami

    Unleash the killing power of paper with an instructional origami video

    Washoi! A fan-made video demonstrates how to reproduce the titular character of Ninja Slayer in origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Hit the jump to check it out.

  • Tuesday May 5, 2015
  • 8otto to Perform "Ninja Slayer" Episode 4 Ending

    Yamoto Koki art from creators and tribute from Steins;Gate's Huke

    Following Boris' "Kilmister" and MELT-BANANA's "Halo Of Sorrow From Animation," episode four of Ninja Slayer From Animation will present Osaka-based rock band 8otto's newly written "SRKEEN" as the Trigger-produced anime's latest end theme.  The four-member group is known for an unconventional configuration, in which drummer Maenosono Masaki serves as the lead localist. More after the jump.

  • Thursday April 16, 2015
  • "Ninja Slayer" Animator Completes Countdown

    Plus "My Love Story!!" and "DanMachi?" tributes

    The anticipated adaptation of "Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez'"s Ninja Slayer has finally arrived! While the Japanese reception to this unconventional production could charitably called "divisive, " that hasn't chilled excitement of its creators, and Trigger animator Kengo Saito (Kill La Kill's first opening) is among the staff sharing the moment. Get a look after the jump. 

  • Sunday April 12, 2015
  • VIDEO: New "Ninja Slayer From Animation" Details And Trailer

    Anime premieres next Thursday across multiple streaming services worldwide

    Ahead of next week's premiere, the official site for the Ninja Slayer From Animation adaptation has been updated yet again, with more information on the length of the series and even the runtime for each episode, along with home video release info and the story. Hit the jump for the info and a new trailer.


  • Thursday April 9, 2015
  • Animator Starts Cheeky Countdown to "Ninja Slayer From Animation"

    Until series' streaming launch

    It's one week until the April 16th streaming debut of the adaptation of "Bradley Bond and Philip Ninj@ Morzez'"s Japanese take on the American take on Japanese sci-fi and martial arts light novel series Ninja Slayer, and Trigger animator Kengo Saito (Kill La Kill's first opening) apparently can't contain his excitement. Starting at 10 days out, he's been posting a remarkably fanservicey countdown. Check out his sketches after the jump.