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    Wednesday May 11, 2016
  • Nintendo 2DS Price Drops Down to 80 Bucks

    Latest price point goes into effect on May 20

    If you've been holding out on getting a Nintendo 2DS for yourself or, perhaps, someone younger, a new price-drop opportunity is on the horizon. The non-folding portable system is already pretty cheap at $99.99, but it's about to go down even lower, with a $79.99 price point starting May 20. Hit the jump for more.

  • Monday May 9, 2016
  • "Super Mario" Series Crosses Over with "Minecraft: Wii U Edition"

    Super Mario Mash-Up Pack arrives on May 17 as free update

    Worlds are about to collide as Nintendo partners with Mojang and Microsoft to toss the Super Mario series into the world of Minecraft: Wii U Edition. Creepers and Zombies move aside to make way for Hammer Bros. and Dry Bones on May 17, when the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack arrives as a free update. Hit the jump for more.

  • Wednesday April 27, 2016
  • Nintendo Sets NX Console Launch for March 2017, Details "Zelda" Plans

    Next mobile apps will be based on "Fire Emblem" and "Animal Crossing" franchises

    Nintendo shot out a press release this morning, covering a bunch of new info, including the success of mobile app Miitomo and an announcement saying that the next mobile apps will be based on the Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing franchises. Those are due out this fall, but the big news concerned Nintendo's ever-mysterious new NX console. Hit the jump for more.