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    Monday September 12, 2011
  • VIDEO: The Making of "Portal: No Escape"

    Go behind the scenes to see how the visual effects were created

    Dan Trachtenberg's stunning short film Portal: No Escape was one of this year's true fan-created delights. A newly uploaded Making of video showcases how it was done, from storyboard to screen. Hit the jump for a peek behind the curtain.

  • Tuesday August 23, 2011
  • VIDEO: Stunning Live-Action Short, "Portal: No Escape"

    You'll want to watch this one in HD

    The following video is a concept short based on Valve's Portal. Dan Trachtenberg's film first premiered at the "Totally Rad Show" panel at this year's Comic-Con, and is just now making its way to YouTube. Check it out after the jump!