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    Wednesday May 27, 2015
  • VIDEO: Music Video Hypes Collection of PEACH-PIT's First Shonen Manga

    First collection of " Wandering Wonder World" released in Japan this week

    Late year, the January issue of Shonen Ace launched Wandering Wonder World, the first shonen manga series by PEACH-PIT (author of shoujo like Shugo Charo and seinen like Rozen Maiden- borderline works like DearS and Zombie Loan complicate the "first" declaration.) A first collection of the series set in amysterious amusement park hit Japan yesterday, accompanied by a music video from Reruriri (kittycreators) and 96neko.

  • Monday November 24, 2014
  • An Early Look at PEACH-PIT's First Shonen Manga

    "Shonen Ace" launches "Wandering Wonder World" in January issue, out on November 26th

    The January issue of Shonen Ace is set to launch Wandering Wonder World, the first shonen manga series by PEACH-PIT (author of shoujo like Shugo Charo and seinen like Rozen Maiden - borderline works like Dengeki Comic gao!s DearS and GFantasy's Zombie Loan complicate the "first" declaration.) Get a look after the jump.

  • Saturday May 3, 2014
  • "Rozen Maiden" Authors' Character Komari Printed on Cider Bottle Label

    The peach taste cider is available in Ashiya-cho, Fukuoka

    PEACH-PIT, the manga artist unit of Rozen Maiden and Shugo Chara!, has supported "Ashiya Ningyou Kanshasai" (Ashiya Dolls Thanks Festival) in Ashiya-cho, Fukuoka Prefecture, by donating their original character Komari. This year's festival offers a cider bottle with her illustration label. Check the details after the jump.

  • Monday November 25, 2013
  • "Rozen Maiden" Manga Series Ending Scheduled

    Plus Peach-Pit's illustration of fan-designed eighth contest released

    Manga creators Peach-Pit will be concluding their Young Jump run of the living dolls series Rozen Maiden this January. Depending on how collections break down, it will have run 10 or 11 volumes. More after the jump.

  • Wednesday June 12, 2013
  • VIDEO: PEACH-PIT "Kingyozaka Noboru" Manga Trailer

    Second volume of shoujo series just released

    It seems like manga creators PEACH-PIT are attracting a lot of attention again. Leading into this summer's new anime adaptation of Rozen Maiden, the second volume of their newer shoujo manga Kingyozaka Noboru has just been released in Japan. Check out the trailer that Kodansha has prepared after the jump.

  • Friday December 28, 2012
  • VIDEO: Peach-Pit "Kingyozaka Noboru" Manga Trailer

    First volume of new series from "Rozen Maiden" creators released

    Following the recent  "PEACH-PIT Festival" of manga releases, Kodansha has posted a special preview video for the first volume of the Rozen Maiden and Shugo Chara creation team's new series, Kingyozaka Noboru. Fans who buy the first edition of the manga will get a special art bookmark. Check out the preview after the jump.

  • Saturday November 24, 2012
  • VIDEO: PEACH-PIT's "Kugiko-chan" Preview

    PEACH-PIT festival scheduled for December 19th

    Especially with the announcement of a new anime based on Rozen Maiden, there's a lot of excitement around creation team PEACH-PIT. Capitalizing on this, publishers  Shueisha, Ichijinsha and Kodansha are teaming up for "PEACH-PIT Festival" slated for December 19th, with releases for just about all of their ongoing projects scheduled for the date. Get a look after the jump. 

  • Wednesday July 25, 2012
  • New Manga from "Shugo Chara!" Artists Starts in a Month

    The artist team that made "Rozen Maiden" has a new manga series.

    The manga-making duo, Peach-Pit, will start their new manga, Kingyo Saka Noboru, in the 10th issue of Kodansha's Dessert shipping August 24th.