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    Thursday June 28, 2018
  • Golden Kamuy Perfumes Let You Smell Like Shiraishi

    primaniacs releases a line of 5 character-themed scents in August of 2018

    If you're looking for a scent that will help you answer the call of the wild, then look no further, because fragrance-makers primaniacs is releasing a limited line of 5 character-themed perfumes based on Golden Kamuy, the violent adventure manga by Satoru Noda (and its TV anime adaptation) about rival groups of scoundrels seeking a stolen cache of Ainu gold in early 20th century Hokkaido. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Monday December 18, 2017
  • Perfume's New Theme Song Revealed in 3rd "Chihayafuru" Live-Action Film Full Trailer

    Manga Author: "You'll be surprised at how the song is perfectly matched with the film."

    The official website for the live-action film project based on Yuki Suetsugu's shoujo manga series Chihayafuru today released a 90-second full trailer for its upcoming third part "Musubi" (The Conclusion) introducing the new theme song "Mugen Mirai" (The Infinite Future) performed by three-member techno pop unit Perfume. The manga author also posted a special illustration inspired by the members and the star Suzu Hirose.

  • Monday July 3, 2017
  • Smell Like a Sumo Wrestler with New "J-Scents"

    New line of fragrances let you experiences the scents of Japan.

    J-Scent wants you to experience the smells of Japan in their new fragrance line. But what exactly does a "Sumo Wrestler" perfume entail? Probably not what you're expecting. Find out more after the jump!

  • Tuesday January 31, 2017
  • Perfume Teases New Single in "TOKYO GIRL" PV

    New single on sale 2/15

    Japan’s famed electro divas Perfume are previewing their upcoming single「TOKYO GIRL」with a slick and vaguely sci-fi themed promo video. Enjoy a look and listen after the jump!

  • Monday August 1, 2016
  • Hiroyasu Ishida Directs New Anime Short "FASTENING DAYS 2" for YKK Corporation

    Perfume provides their 2014 song "Hold Your Hand" as the ED theme

    Following the successful first clip that has been viewed over four million times worldwide since October 2014, YKK Corporation has posted a nine-minute new anime short FASTENING DAYS 2, again directed by Studio Colorido's Hiroyasu Ishida (Fumiko's Confession, Typhoon Noruda). Check the clip dubbed in Japanese and English after the jump.

  • Wednesday March 23, 2016
  • "Chihayafuru" Live-Action Film 2nd Part Trailer Delivers Climax Battle

    "Shimo no ku" hits Japanese theaters April 29

    Following the release of the first part "Kami no Ku" last weekend in Japan, Toho today posted a 90-second full trailer for the second and last part of the two-part live-action film adaptation of Yuki Suetsugu's shoujo manga series Chihayafuru. It introduces a climax karuta battle against the "Strongest Queen" Shinobu Wakamiya. Check the latest clip after the jump.

  • Sunday March 6, 2016
  • "Chihayafuru" Manga Author Draws Visual for Live-Action Film Theme Song

    1st part hits theaters March 19, second follows on April 29

    It has been confirmed that Yuki Suetsugu, the manga author of the karuta-themed shoujo manga series Chihayafuru, has provided a visual for the digital edition of the theme song "FLASH" for the manga's upcoming two-part live-action film adaptation, performed by three-member techno pop unit Perfume. Check the art after the jump.

  • Monday February 22, 2016
  • VIDEO: "Chihayafuru" Live-Action Film Theme Song MV Performed by Perfume

    1st part will be released on March 19, second will follow on April 29

    Toho has posted a music video for "FLASH," the theme song for the upcoming two-part live-action film adaptation of Yuki Suetsugu's shoujo manga series Chihayafuru performed by three-member techno pop unit Perfume. The three have been known as big fans of the karuta-themed manga series. Check the clip after the jump!