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    Thursday March 13, 2014
  • POLL: Top 10 Female Anime Characters Japanese Male Otaku Want As A Girlfriend

    Top 10 anime girlfriends voted on by 10,000 Japanese male otaku

    We saw the top 10 anime boyfriend poll earlier and now, here are the top 10 female anime characters Japanese male otaku voted on as their dream girlfriend for White Day tomorrow! Charapedia recently posted the results of their online survey and the results reflect votes from otaku. About 70% of the online votes were made by males in their teens~20s and the rest of the votes are from over 30s. See the results after the jump!

  • Sunday October 27, 2013
  • POLL: Top 10 Anime That Exemplifies Female Friendship

    Japanese men vote on which anime to watch for friendship between a group of girls

    Friendship is a beautiful thing for both men and women, which anime does a great job portraying, however idealized it may be. While many female otaku fantasize over male friendship in anime, there are lots of anime focused on the friendship between girls as well. Polling site Goo Ranking recently asked Japanese men which anime make them roll around in joy when they watch to see displays of friendship between girls. See the result after the jump!

  • Friday August 2, 2013
  • COSPA Introduces Limited Edition "Railgun" Swimsuits

    Accurately reproduces the adorably childish taste in clothing of Misaka Mikoto

    As devastatingly strong and cool Misaka Mikoto from the Railgun series is, she has a very particular taste in things as Kuroko likes to point out time and again. Everything she likes is a little too childish for the liking of people in her age group, but so what, she looks cute in it! Otaku-oriented apparel maker COSPA has now introduced a limited edition of the frilly swimsuit separates that Misaka wore in the show! See the suit after the jump!

  • Sunday October 21, 2012
  • "A Certain Scientific Railgun" Anime Gets Second Season

    Confirmation of second season made during Dengeki 20th Anniversary event

    Following up the Ryo-Ku-Bu news, another well-known franchise has been graced with a new anime season, as A Certain Scientific Railgun will be getting a second season soon. Hit the jump for all of the info.