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    Wednesday August 24, 2016
  • See How "Resident Evil 4" is Looking on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

    New version hits Sony and Microsoft's consoles on August 30

    If you haven't played Resident Evil 4, or even if you've played a dozen different versions of it, you'll get another chance starting on August 30. That's when Capcom's game-changing horror action game lands on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One along with all the previously released bonus content, and you can see some updated gameplay footage in the Village and Ashley videos after the jump.

  • Wednesday August 17, 2016
  • "Resident Evil 7" Previews More of Its Horrors in Gamescom Trailer

    Survival horror returns to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017

    Capcom shared another look at Resident Evil 7 at this week's Gamescom event, setting up more intense situations in a found footage-style trailer. In this featured tape, a young woman attempts to navigate the plantation house while evading the roaming Marguerite Baker. 

  • Wednesday August 3, 2016
  • "Resident Evil" 20th Anniversary Video Traces Evolution of Chris Redfield

    See how the character has changed over the years

    Remember when Chris Redfield wasn't a beefed-up cartoon soldier? A new Resident Evil 20th anniversary video is here to explore the character's evolution, from his drastic change in physical appearance to his deadly missions and beyond. See how he's developed after the jump.

  • Friday July 8, 2016
  • "Resident Evil 4" Hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 30

    All bonus content and additional features to be included

    Back in February Capcom announced plans to bring all the action-oriented Resident Evil games to current consoles, and now they're here to close things out with the best of the bunch. Resident Evil 4 officially brings its unforgettable action set-pieces to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 30. Hit the jump for more.

  • "Bio Hazard/Resident Evil" Musical New PV Introduces Main Cast in Costume

    General sales of the advance tickets will begin on July 23

    The official website of "Musical Bio Hazard ~Voice of Gaia~," the upcoming stage musical adaptation of Capcom's survival horror action game Bio Hazard/Resident Evil, has posted a two-minute PR video to introduce its main cast in their costumes and a 100-second performance video by YOSHIE who joins the play as a special dancer. Check the clips after the jump.

  • Monday July 13, 2016
  • "Resident Evil 7" Revealed, Demo Available Tonight

    Sony unveils creepy new trailer at E3 press conference

    The end of Sony's spookiest E3 trailer so far turned out to be Resident Evil 7. After the trailer they said a demo would be available to try tonight, and the full game will be playable in PlayStation VR. Hit the jump for more.

  • Thursday July 2, 2016
  • Final "Resident Evil" Developer Diary Gets Excited for "Resident Evil 2" Remake

    "Resident Evil 5" director and "Resident Evil" HD remaster producer discuss series

    Capcom is here with the fifth and final Resident Evil 20th anniversary video. This one features Yasuhiro Anpo and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi as they discuss memories of working on Resident Evil 5, the challenges of putting together the Resident Evil remake, and some choice anticipation for the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake. More after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 31, 2016
  • "Resident Evil 5" Leaps to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 28

    Capcom announces new release with improved frame rate and more

    Those who enjoyed the action-packed co-op of Resident Evil 5 can look forward to a beefed-up version next month. Capcom announced plans to release the fifth entry on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with additions like an improved frame rate, previously-released DLC, and The Mercenaries United and No Mercy modes. More after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 24, 2016
  • "Resident Evil" Shooter "Umbrella Corps" Has Its Own PS4 Model

    Themed consoles launch in Japan alongside game on June 23

    This year is the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, so it makes sense that even multiplayer shooter Umbrella Corps would be getting a themed PlayStation 4 model in Japan. The "Resident Evil Special Pack"—which comes with hard drive bay covers themed after both Umbrella Corps and the RE 20th Anniversary—will launch alongside the game in Japan on June 23. Hit the jump for more.

  • Wednesday May 18, 2016
  • "Resident Evil" 20th Anniversary Interview Digs into "RE Revelations"

    Producer Michiteru Okabe and director Yasuhiro Anpo sit down for a chat

    Capcom is here with another 20th anniversary Resident Evil developer discussion. Join producer Michiteru Okabe (assistant producer on Operation Raccoon City, producer on Revelations 2) and director Yasuhiro Anpo (work ranging from programmer on RE1 and to director of Resident Evil 5 and Revelations 1 and 2) as they discuss the Resident Evil Revelations games in the video after the jump. 

  • Wednesday May 4, 2016
  • "Resident Evil" Interview Covers Some of the Series' Key Evolutions

    Producer Masachika Kawata discusses co-op, handheld development, and more

    Capcom is here with a third entry in Resident Evil's 20th anniversary developer interview series. This one features longtime series producer Masachika Kawata, who has been involved in games like Resident Evil 45Revelations, and more. Watch as he discusses some of the pivotal points in the franchise after the jump.

  • Tuesday May 26, 2016
  • "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" Movie to Debut First in Japan

    Worldwide showings to follow in January after Japan's December 23 premiere

    The sixth and ostensibly final installment in the Resident Evil film series, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, has had its share of production woes. One on-set accident resulted in severe injuries for stunt double Olivia Jackson and a second ended in crew member Ricardo Cornelius's death. Nevertheless, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter gradually moves toward its delayed release, and Japan will be the first to see the results on the big screen. Hit the jump for more.