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    Sunday February 9, 2014
  • VIDEO: "Retro City Rampage: DX" Trailer Shows What's New on 3DS

    Throwback open-world game hits the eShop for $10

    Brian Provinciano's Retro City Rampage finally brought the fun to Nintendo 3DS this week. For those wondering what the big deal is, or what makes Retro City Rampage: DX any different, a trailer recently arrived to showcase the new stuff. Have a look after the jump.

  • Monday January 27, 2014
  • "Retro City Rampage" Causes Throwback Mayhem on 3DS Next Month

    Twitter account reveals February release window for 3DS version

    Retro City Rampage creator Brian Provinciano revealed a Nintendo 3DS version in August of last year, and a teaser clip followed in October. Neither update provided a release window, but the game's Twitter account recently responded to a question by pointing toward February. Read on for more.

  • Friday October 18, 2013
  • VIDEO: "Retro City Rampage" Teases Its Madcap Action on 3DS

    NES-meets-GTA throwback prepares to hit Nintendo's portable

    As revealed back in August, Brian Provinciano's Retro City Rampage is taking its NES-meets-GTA action to 3DS, after appearing on pretty much every other platform. Now we can see how the throwback beauty looks on Nintendo's portable after the jump.

  • Wednesday August 21, 2013
  • "Retro City Rampage" is Ready to Cause a Ruckus on Nintendo 3DS

    Port listed as one of the playable games at PAX Prime next week

    Brian Provinciano's killer open-world ode to games of the past, Retro City Rampage, has hit a bunch of platforms since its initial release, and it looks like Nintendo 3DS is next. After being listed as one of the playable games at next week's PAX Prime, the developer shared images of the game on Nintendo's portable. Check 'em out past the break.

  • Wednesday May 8, 2013
  • Sony Opens Indie Games Category in PlayStation Store

    New section kicks off with sales on certain games

    Sony has done a pretty good job of establishing its platforms as welcoming places for indie developers, and the company went a step further this week. Sony announced the introduction of a new Indie Games category in the PlayStation Store, and the section kicked off with sales on a few titles. More after the jump.

  • Sunday March 3, 2013
  • VIDEO: "Retro City Rampage" Arrives on Wii, Features NES Mode

    ROM City Rampage takes Provinciano's faithfulness to a new level

    Retro City Rampage is already wildly faithful to the old school games it so adores in the version available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC, but creator Brian Provinciano took the Wii version to a whole new level. Available now on WiiWare, Retro City Rampage now includes ROM City Rampage, a working 8-bit version of the top-down action game. See how it works past the jump.

  • Saturday December 29, 2012
  • "Retro City Rampage" Sets Its Destructive Sights on XBLA in January

    Xbox 360 owners can finally join the fun on January 2, 2013

    The WiiWare version of Retro City Rampage was recently given a January release window, and now XBLA is joining the fun on January 2, 2013. Read on for more!

  • Monday December 24, 2012
  • "Retro City Rampage" Finally Hits WiiWare in January

    8-bit GTA-style throwback also available on PS3, PC, and Vita

    It's been quite a while since Brian Provinciano's excellent Retro City Rampage was first announced for Nintendo's WiiWare service, and the 8-bit GTA-style homage has since been released on a slew of platforms. Those holding out for the Wii release can rest easy, though, because it looks like it's finally ready to debut in January 2013. More after the jump!

  • Tuesday October 9, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Retro City Rampage" Finally Arrives with Launch Trailer

    VBlank's NES-style open world game now out on PS3, PS Vita, and PC

    After what has seemed like an eternal wait, VBlank's Grand Theft Auto-inspired, NES style open world action game Retro City Rampage is finally available. Well, for most of its destined platforms, at least. You can grab it now on PS3 and PS Vita via the PlayStation Store, and PC via Steam and GOG.com. Check out the launch trailer after the jump!

  • Friday October 5, 2012
  • "Retro City Rampage" Hits PS3, PS Vita, and PC on October 9

    Throwback GTA-style game finally arrives on a few platforms

    It's been a while since we first heard about VBlank's excellent looking Retro City Rampage back when it was first known as Grand Theftendo. Now the NES-style game is finally set to hit PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC in North America on October 9. More after the jump!

  • Monday February 20, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Retro City Rampage" Goes Back in Time This May

    Throwback downloadable headed to PS3, Vita, PC, WiiWare, and XBLA

    It seems like it's been ages since Retro City Rampage was first announced, but it looks like it's finally coming out in May. Better yet, it's now headed to more platforms. Initially announced for Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare, it will also be available on PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Steam. More after the jump!

  • Thursday April 14, 2011
  • Pre-order Retro City Rampage Shirts, Posters and Pins

    Homage to TV games of olde now fit for all sizes

    My own personal excitement for VBlank Entertainment's old school homage, Retro City Rampage, could not be any higher at this point. I'd say it's hit a "fever pitch," and watching pretty much any trailer—like this one—for the game should offer a good indication as to why. Now you can supplement that excitement with some fresh gear.