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    Sunday December 30, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Robotics;Notes" Part Two Anime Showcase

    Haruki and Kanako Itou provide themes for anime's second half

    After a break for the holidays, Production I.G's anime adaptation of "Augmented Science Adventure" game Robotics;Notes will be returning to the Noitamina programming block on January 10th with new opening theme "Houkyou no Messiah" from Haruki and Kanako Itou's "Topology" as its second ending. A special promo for the second half of the anime was prepared for this weekend's Comiket 83. Check in out after the jump.

  • Sunday November 4, 2012
  • VIDEO: World's Tallest Bipedal Robot Walks!

    Hajime Sakamoto's real giant robot is back in the news

    umanoid robot maker Hajime Sakamoto of Hajime Research Institute is in the news again. Back in July, his latest advancement towards building a working giant robot was that his 4 meter model with cockpit had an assembly of the waist with moving legs. The lab is now opening their doors to show off their latest progress towards walking. Get a look after the jump.

  • Thursday October 25, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Psycho-Pass" and "Robotics;Notes" Noitamina Cafe Promos

    Choose between a psychologically healthy tofu or test your criminal potential with spicy steak

    It's a bit of an absurd demonstration of what needs to be done to fund anime productions, but violent sci-fi crime series Psycho-Pass is joining the more otaku friendly new science adventure Robotics;Notes in the latest Noitamina Shop, Cafe & Theatre campaign. See the promo videos after the jump.

  • Tuesday October 9, 2012
  • Six Shows Added to FUNimation Fall 2012 Simulcast Schedule

    Code: Breaker, Kamisama Kiss, Jormungand, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes and Oniai offered

    FUNimation has laid out their fall anime simulcast slate, with the adaptation of Samurai Deeper Kyo author Akimine Kamijyo's Code: Breaker, supernatural shoujo Kamisama Kiss, the second part of arms dealing action Jormungand, the two noitaminA sci-fi Psycho-Pass and Robotics;Notes, as well as relationship comedy Oniai. Get the details after the jump.

  • Friday October 5, 2012
  • VIDEO: "Robotics;Notes" Episode 1 Preview

    Steins;Gate follow-up kicks off October 11th

    Ahead of the October 11th Noitamina programming block premiere of Production I.G's (Ghost in the Shell) adaptation of  5pb.'s latest science adventure game, there's a new preview of Robotics;Notes' first episode. Get a look after the jump.

  • Wednesday September 26, 2012
  • "Robotics;Notes" English Language Fact Sheet

    22-episode science adventure anime starts October 11th

    The international department of Fuji Creative Corporation, a subsidiary of Fuji Television Network that specializes in both distribution and production of TV, often posts English language fact sheets for the anime that runs on Fuji's alternative audience noitaminA block. Get a look at their fact sheet for Robotics;Notes after the jump.

  • Saturday September 1, 2012
  • VIDEO: Full-Length "Robotics;Notes" Anime Preview

    Over two minutes of latest science adventure, along with opening and ending theme samples

    A new, second preview of Robotics;Notes showcases over two minutes of material from Production I.G's anime adaptation of 5pb.'s augmented reality inspired third science adventure game, along with Zwei's opening theme "Junjo Spectra" and fumika's ending Umikaze no Brave." Get a look after the jump.   

  • Monday August 20, 2012
  • "Robotics;Notes" Spin-Off Manga Launches in Ultra Jump

    Issue also comes with new "Science Adventure Reader" guide/tribute book

    Like its predecessor Steins;Gate, science adventure Robotics;Notes can't be contained by one manga series or publisher. Keiji Asakawa's straight adaptation is in Comic BladeRobotics;Notes - Phantom Snow is from Famitsu Comic Clear, Tokumo Sora's Robotics;Notes - Side;Hidaka Subaru is in Comic Alive, and, now, Robotics;Notes - Revival Legacy has launched in Shonen Jump's older audience sibling Ultra Jump. More after the jump.

  • Sunday July 22, 2012
  • Next 5pb. Science Adventure Game Spied

    Reports out of Science Adventure Matsuri 2012 Summer event say next game set in Shibuya

    Last week, Crunchyroll News mentioned that 5pb.'s trilogy of visual novels and anime Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes were being celebrated at “Science Adventure Matsuri 2012 Summer” this weekend. Reports out of the event are that the series will soon be a tetralogy. More after the jump.