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    Sunday April 29, 2012
  • Why Some Japanese Young People Have No Interest in Sex

    "This nation might eventually perish into extinction!"

    It’s no secret that Japan is currently experiencing a bit of trouble in the bedroom. Earlier this year, a survey indicating that 1/3rd of young people in Japan have no interest in sex or relationships made world headlines. Now, a Japanese doctor has undertaken a series of interviews to find out what the reasons are. Sample some responses after the jump!

  • Thursday February 2, 2012
  • Survey: A Third of Japanese Youth Are Not Interested in Sex & Relationships

    Population Crisis looms

    Japan-watchers have long known that the Land of the Rising Sun has been having some trouble in the bedroom of late. But now, the Huffington Post and the BBC have prepared new reports that quote some downright shocking figures: a third of Japanese youth have no interest in sex and relationships! To find out what this means for the future, read on after the jump!