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    Sunday January 18, 2015
  • Bishoujo Artist Shunya Yamashita and Manga Author Shirow Miwa Post "Psycho-Pass" Homages

    Plus a Durarara!! tribute in anticipation of a serious Shizuo versus Izaya parkour chase

    With the Psycho-Pass movie in Japanese theaters, Shunya Yamashita, best known for designing Kotobukiya's bishoujo figures of the heroines of DC, Marvel, Street Fighter, Tekken and Star Wars, has posted his take on film's version of Akane Tsunemori. Shirow Miwa, known for his work on the manga Dogs and with the band Supercell has done an Enforcer version of [email protected] Cinderella Girls' Takeuchi-P, as well as Durarara!! tribute.

  • Tuesday July 29, 2014
  • Designer Previews Upcoming Kotobukiya Bishoujo Figures

    Marvel, DC, Tekken and Street Fighter bishoujo figures due in 2015

    Following previews at San Diego Comic-Con and Wonder Festival, illustrator Shunya Yamashita has posted his designs for upcoming Marvel, DC, Tekken and Street Fighter bishoujo figures, set to be released by Kotobukiya in 2015. Get a look after the jump.

  • Sunday February 9, 2014
  • Kotobukiya Slasher Figure Designs Revealed

    Get a look at Shunya Yamashita's gender swapped Freddy and Jason

    Last Halloween, figure maker Kotobukiya offered a silhouette teaser of two figures reimagining slasher movie killers as sexy bishoujo figures. Now, in time for Wonder Festival, there's a new look at designer Shunya Yamashita's gender-swapped Freddy and Jason. Get a look after the jump.

  • Monday October 14, 2013
  • Kotobukiya Previews Designs For Super Hero, "Street Fighter" and "Star Wars" Bishoujo Heroines

    Latest illustrations from Shunya Yamashita posted

    Recently, Kotobukiya has posted a series of illustrations from Shunya Yamashita, the artist whose designs serve as the inspiration for the figure maker's Bishoujo heroine line. The latest subjects pull from both Marvel and DC Comics, Street Fighter and even Star Wars' "Extended Universe." Get a look after the jump.

  • Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • Bishoujo Illustrator Shunya Yamashita Sketches Nakamura From "Flowers of Evil"

    You might know the work of bishoujo illustrator from Kotobukiya's redesigns

    You might know the work of bishoujo illustrator Shunya Yamashita from Kotobukiya's redesigns of the women of Marvel, DC Comics and so on. The artist isn't the most prolific Twitterer, but when he posts sketches, like this spring Girls und Panzer pic, they're always worth noting. This week he treated fans to his take on Flowers of Evil's Sawa Nakamura. Get a look at the results after the jump.