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    Sunday October 23, 2011
  • "Sonic Generations" Includes the Original Sonic Game

    Unlock the full Sega Genesis classic!

    It wouldn't surprise me to learn that almost everyone reading this who is even remotely interested in Sonic Generations already owns the original Sonic the Hedgehog, but that's not stopping Sega from kindly including it in the Hedhehog's next anticipated outing. More after the jump.

  • Thursday October 20, 2011
  • "Sonic Generations" Hits 3DS on November 22

    Sega dates the portable version of the hedgehog's next outing

    It was announced last month that Sonic Generations will be hitting consoles on November 1, and now we know the date for its little portable brother. Sega has dated the Nintendo 3DS version for November 22. Hit the jump for more!

  • Friday October 14, 2011
  • VIDEO: "Sonic Generations" Bosses and Rivals Trailer!

    Celebrating 20 Years of Sonic Games!

    The latest Sonic game, due on November 1st, will feature two versions of the speedy hedgehog on three Generations. Previous trailers have offered looks at the "Genesis", "Dreamcast", "Modern" Eras. In the latest, Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic face off against past bosses and rivals from previous games.

  • Friday October 7, 2011
  • VIDEO: "Sonic Generations" Modern Era Trailer

    Celebrating 20 Years of Sonic

    The latest Sonic game, due on November 1st, will feature two versions of the speedy hedgehog on three Generations.  Previous trailers have offered looks at the "Genesis Era" and "Dreamcast Era", while the latest offers a glimpse of the "Modern Era" (between the lines, the era on which Sega didn't have their own hardware).  Check it out after the jump.

  • Thursday September 15, 2011
  • VIDEO: "Sonic Generations" Genesis Era Trailer

    See how the classic levels evolved in Sega's latest

    Three eras, two Sonics; what more could you ask for from the upcoming Sonic Generations? The latest video, the "Genesis Era" trailer, shows some of the revamped classic stages that will make an appearance when the game hits this November. Hit the jump for more.

  • Tuesday September 13, 2011
  • "Sonic Generations" Scheduled for November 1 Release

    Both classic and modern Sonic to contend with Uncharted 3

    Sega's latest attempt to right the troubled Sonic the Hedgehog franchise‚ Sonic Generations, is coming out during a loaded holiday gaming season. The blue blur will contend with the likes of Uncharted 3's Drake when it hits on November 1. More after the jump.

  • Wednesday September 7, 2011
  • Dig Sonic Generations' European Collector's Edition

    Sonic fans overseas should be on the lookout

    Man, this is a pretty nice treat for European fans of Sega's iconic blue hedgehog (and savvy importers). Hit the jump for a peek at the Sonic Generations collector's edition exclusive to Europe and Australia. 

  • Monday August 8, 2011
  • VIDEO: Sonic Generations' Chemical Plant Zone

    A classic Sonic stage remade for a new generation

    Ah, it's nice to hear that familiar music. Fresh footage from Sega's upcoming dimensional mash-up, Sonic Generations, hopes to warm the hearts of fans by revisiting the beloved Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Check it out after the jump!