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    Sunday February 3, 2013
  • This Week in CRNews: Super Bowl Ruckus Edition

    Hot news, big features, and stories you may have missed!

    It's the Super Bowl! That means you're either like "It's the Super Bowl!" or, dismissively, perhaps even with an audible groan, "It's the Super Bowl…" Whether you're elated or deflated, you should find this week's recap of news a soothing salve. Let us know how you're celebrating, or avoiding, the Super Bowl in the comments! 

  • Wednesday November 2, 2011
  • "Mass Effect 3" is The One That Matters, According to BioWare

    Warning to the sports-allergic: here there be football references

    With BioWare's galaxy-spanning sci-fi RPG trilogy coming to a close in Mass Effect 3, a lot of the hype and controversy over the upcoming finale has been focused on... its multiplayer?  But what about the single-player, that part that we've all spent so much time in and spent so many hours ignoring Kaidan?  BioWare has plenty to say about the series' conclusion, and what it means for new and returning fans, after the jump!