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    Tuesday June 14, 2016
  • An Introduction to VRV!

    PS: Crunchyroll is not changing!

    Today, Ellation (Crunchyroll's parent company) announced VRV, a new video experience bringing the best of anime, animation, gaming, comedy, fantasy, and technology to fans in one unified environment. After the jump, read the FAQ and enjoy an overview of this upcoming service!

  • Monday June 13, 2016
  • Japan Unveils the Robot Smartphone!

    RoBoHon from Sharp Corp.

    Hey! A humanoid-shaped robot phone named RoBoHon wants to be your new best friend... but what can the little guy offer consumers that a conventional smart phone can’t? Watch a video, including an interview with his makers and staff, and prepare yourself for the robot revolution after the jump!


  • Saturday June 11, 2016
  • Fun and Games at the Tokyo Toy Show

    VR, Star Wars, Yo-Yos, and more!

    The scintillating trade show of amusements known as the Tokyo Toy Show is now underway in Japan. A series of raw videos fresh off the show floor are here to present you with some of the major highlights. Enjoy after the jump!

  • Wednesday April 20, 2016
  • Trying Out Virtual Reality at Japan's VR Zone Project

    Event sponsored by Bandai Namco

    Humanity’s race to the virtual frontier got a big kick in the pants this week in Tokyo with the “VR Zone Project i Can” event, in which visitors get to try out a variety of first-person experiences and goofy looking headsets. Enjoy a video report after the jump!

  • Friday March 4, 2016
  • The History of Video Games Exhibit Arrives in Japan

    "Game On" at the Miraikan from 3/2 - 5/30

    The travelling exhibit known as “Game On” finally made its way to Japan recently to reveal the evoultion of gaming tech (from Pong all the way to the latest VR) via playable games and a few exclusives for the Land of the Rising Fun. Read on to watch a report!

  • Monday February 29, 2016
  • Fun and Games at the Japan Amusement Expo

    New attractions from Sega and Capcom featured

    From crayon-powered battle card games to Tekken 7, Japan’s arcade industry showed off its latest games and fun attractions recently at a new trade show called the Japan Amusement Expo. Get a gander at some of the big highlights after the jump!

  • Saturday January 30, 2016
  • VIDEO: Japan Welcomes Our Robot Overlords at "Pepper World 2016"

    Stores with robot staff set to open in Feb.

    Japanese telecommunications giant SoftBank has big plans for their cute, chatty, humanoid robot Pepper. After the jump, watch a video report on the recent Pepper World Expo, and start preparing for the Rise of the Machines!

  • Friday December 25, 2015
  • VIDEO: Holiday Season Illuminations Light Up Tokyo

    From blinky little lights to state of the art projection mapping

    Christmas in Tokyo means finger lickin’ good KFC dinners, feeling down if you don’t have a significant other, and… Christmas lights illuminations! Get an eyeful of some of the most impressive seasonal sights and sounds after the jump!

  • Monday December 14, 2015
  • VIDEO: Lifesize Gundam Statue Gets a New Light Show for Winter

    Projection mapping turns Odaiba Gundam into a giant screen

    Christmas in Japan means candy canes, Santa Claus, and… a new version of the projection mapping light show at the world famous life-size Gundam statue! Watch a bedazzling holiday-themed video after the jump!

  • Tuesday December 8, 2015
  • VIDEO: Japan Unleashes the Disaster Rescue Robots

    “Places where humans can’t physically go...that’s where robots come in.”

    It’s easy to make cracks about how the machines will one day rise up and overthrow humanity, but in the meantime, Japan is busily working on helpful robots that could save plenty of lives in dangerous, disastrous situations. Watch a nifty demo video after the jump!

  • Wednesday December 2, 2015
  • VIDEO: Dance, Dance Robot Idol Premaid AI!

    Footage from the International Robot Exhibition 2015

    This week’s International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo got a power-up in the form of Premaid AI, a “robot idol” with an uncanny ability to mime idol music and dance moves. Crack open a glow stick and enjoy the sight of Premaid AI getting’ down after the jump!

  • Friday September 25, 2015
  • VIDEO: Inside Danbocchi, Japan's "One Person Studio"

    And of course, there's a mascot character too...

    State of the art Japanese innovation triumphs again as a division of Namco Bandai delivers a cardboard box that doubles as one-person studio for making videos in, singing in, you name it. Watch a thrilling demo video after the jump!

  • Thursday September 17, 2015
  • VIDEO: Enjoy Movies for One with Japan's "Solo Theater"

    Available in October to crowdfunding supporters

    It may just look like a guy laying on the floor with a cardboard box over his head, but the “solo theater” is nothing less than Japan’s latest crowdfunded technological innovation. Enjoy an interview with its inventors and a demonstration below

  • Monday January 26, 2015
  • VIDEO: Japan Holds First Drone Racing Event

    Japan Drone Championship held 1/25 near Akihabara

    Owning remote controlled robotic aircraft is not yet common in Japan, but it probably will be eventually, as events like the Japan Drone Championship are shaping up to become a new form of gaming for gearheads. Watch a video report after the jump!

  • Friday January 16, 2015
  • VIDEO: High-Tech Highlights from Wearable Expo 2015

    Held Jan 15-16 at Tokyo Big Sight

    The future of Google Glass may be in doubt, but the race for wearable tech gold continues in Japan! Wearable Expo is a new trade show in Japan that spotlights futuristic devices like head-mounted displays even gizmos for our pets! Get a look via a vidoe report after the jump!