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    Saturday September 17, 2016
  • "The Eccentric Family" Anime Gets a Second Season

    First sequel series by P.A. WORKS

    Just announced at the Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2016: the long-awaited second season of The Eccentric Family – based on the novel  by Tomihiko Morimi is finally on the way featuring the core staff from the original 2013 series. Read on for more details!

  • Sunday August 28, 2016
  • FEATURE: Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog: "The Eccentric Family"

    It's all fun and games until someone ends up boiled in a pot...

    This week on "Cruising the Crunchy-Catalog", we take a look at the wonderful daily lives of a fun and foolish clan of shape-shifting racoon dogs with The Eccentric Family, a 2013 TV series directed by Masayuki Yoshihara and featuring animation by P.A. Works. Hit the jump to learn more.

  • Tuesday July 26, 2016
  • FEATURE: Aniwords – The Small Worlds of the Anime of P.A. Works

    If the world is our oyster, it may be that we live inside of it.

    In this week's Aniwords, Isaac takes a broad look at the anime of popular studio P.A. Works and reflects on the similarities he sees between the studio's many shows. If you're a fan of the studio's work or are curious what all the fuss is about, hit the jump to read more!

  • Wednesday October 1, 2014
  • NIS America Sets "The Eccentric Family" Premium Edition for January

    Set comes with a hardcover art book, extras, and more

    NIS America announced a release date for The Eccentric Family Complete Premium Edition, which is set to make its debut on January 6, 2015. The set puts all 13 episodes on 2 Blu-ray discs together with a 64-page, full-color art book in NISA's typically extravagant packaging. Read on for more.

  • Tuesday February 4, 2014
  • VIDEO: Enjoy An Otaku Live Show With A Wife/Husband Body Pillow In Japan

    The safety concern of the audience at otaku events inspired a new way of participation

    Bamboo, the front man of the band milktub recently had the safety at otaku live music shows as the topic of his Nico Nico Douga live broadcast show called Asakusa NOW. Milktub and his people reached a decision to present a different and more peaceful method of audience participation by offering the audience wife/husband body pillows instead of glowsticks at their live events! More after the jump!

  • Saturday October 26, 2013
  • NIS America Licenses "The Eccentric Family" Anime

    Retail release planned in addition to streaming

    If you love the tale of the Shimogamo family, you'll be pleased to know NIS America announced the license of The Eccentric Family for home video release. In addition to Crunchyroll, the series is also streaming on Hulu. Read on for more.

  • "The Eccentric Family" Theater Play Set For 2014

    Live action play opens in January 2014 in Tokyo

    The live-action theater play based on the novel The Eccentric Family by Japanese theater group Atelier Duncan will open next year in Tokyo and, of course, in Kyoto. Ticket sales open next week in Japan for both locations. The play is subtitled as "Shichi Henge Ongaku Geki (7 Transformation Musical)" and this will be the second time that Atelier Duncan works with the novel by Morimi Tomihiko. More after the jump!

  • Tuesday October 1, 2013
  • "The Eccentric Family" Plush Toy Series Teased

    Yajiro frog and Yasaburo raccoon plushies to come later

    The Eccentric Family official twitter posted a teaser photo of character plushie announced at the special last episode streaming program in Japan. Other than character plushies, character rubber straps are in the plan as well. See the photo of the prototype after the jump!

  • Saturday August 17, 2013
  • VIDEO: "The Eccentric Family/Uchoten-kazoku" ED Song PV by fhána

    1st single "Que sera, sera" will be released on August 21

    Bandai Visual's anime music label Lantis posted a full promotional video for four person musical unit fhána's 1st single "Que sera, sera" on its official YouTube channel. The song is featured as the ED theme for a 2013 summer TV anime The Eccentric Family/Uchoten-kazoku. Check the clip after the jump.

  • Saturday July 6, 2013
  • Crunchyroll Adds “SILVER SPOON”, “The World God Only Knows: Goddesses” and “WATAMOTE” Anime to Streaming Lineup

    Four more shows announced at Anime Expo Panel

    The smoke has barely cleared on today’s Crunchyroll panel at Anime Expo 2013 where seven new anime series have just been announced for the summer streaming lineup, headlined by SILVER SPOONThe World God Only Knows: Goddesses, and Watamote. Read on for full details on all the new shows after the jump!