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    Tuesday January 8, 2013
  • "Tiger & Bunny: Heroes Day" Game Packs a Couple Cute Hero Toys

    Next PSP game arrives in Japan on March 20

    As previously reported, the heroes of Sternbild City are returning to PSP in Japan with the release of Tiger & Bunny: Heroes Day. Tossing a few more bucks toward D3 Publisher's adventure game will net you a pair of limited edition figures that shrink Wild Tiger and Barnaby down super-deformed style. Check 'em out after the jump.

  • Tuesday December 11, 2012
  • "Tiger & Bunny" Return to PSP for "Heroes Day" Game

    D3 Publisher tries their hand at the anime license

    According to Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, the heroes of Tiger & Bunny aren't done with adventures on PSP. Well, it's actually unclear what type of game they'll be leaping into next, but D3 Publisher is taking the license for a spin with the upcoming Tiger & Bunny: Heroes Day. Read on for more!